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Wildlife Hospital & Education to all age groups in environmental matters. Founded by Simon Cowell, presenter of TV's Wildlife SOS, CEO and Trustee of WAF.

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They say bad news comes in groups, and it seems BOTH of our washing machines have broken down in just a few days!

With a LOT of bedding, nests, soft toys and more needing to be kept clean, we need your help!

If you would like to support us, please visit

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Swan now caught and on its way to the hospital!

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An update from the scene of a rescue! Unfortunately our boat propeller has broken, but we have a new one on the way and will keep trying!

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With foxes being much more active recently, we want to see YOUR #fox photos for this weeks #WeekendWildlifeChallenge!

Please leave your photos as a reply to this tweet and we will feature a selection on Monday! 🦊

#WildlifePhotography #AnimalPhotography

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This red-legged #partridge needed help after being caught by a #cat.

It was quite thin with a cut on its beak and, whilst we were worried about one leg, an x-ray found an old fracture that had already healed.

Now with treatment and food, we hope it will recover soon!

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WILDLIFE ALERT AGAIN. Another cold snap here so please look out for wildlife in trouble from both the cold or disturbed due to flooding. You can always ring your local wildlife hospital for advice. Any hedgehogs out in daylight or under 600 gms need to checked over. Please R/T

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This is what #rat poison can lead to!

This #buzzard is the victim of secondary #rodenticide poisoning (confirmed through pellet analysis) and was left barely clinging to life. It has taken almost a week to stabilise it and it is still not out of the woods.


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With more people at home during #lockdown, we are seeing a lot more calls regarding foxes that seem 'stuck together'.

Please be assured that this is a natural part of the #fox breeding process and they will separate by themselves after 30-60 minutes!

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This adorable visitor is a young house #mouse, and he needed our help after being found abandoned.

Small and displaying monitor respiratory difficulties, he is now on a course of treatment.

With luck, it won't be too long before he can resume his life in the wild :)

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Quoted @StMichaels_Prep

In their art lessons Year 3 have been learning about insect hotels and their benefit to the environment.

Some of our pupils even had a go at making their own!

#otford #kent #kemsing #sevenoaks #prep #prepschool #bughotel #insecthotel @KentWildlife @wildlifeaid @wwf_uk @WWF

How amazing! Great work @StMichaels_Prep - a great example of the difference one person can make!

If you were looking for ideas that you, too, could do to help the environment, please take a look at our brand new initiative, @idoonething at

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We would like to say a huge thank you once again to Virginia Water Veterinary Clinic for their incredible donation of food and medical supplies! 

With many hungry mouths to feed and an ever-growing number of patients, this will make a massive difference!

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Thanks to its BTO ring, we can now tell you that our recent blue tit (now released) is 7 months old and hatched 5km from where it was found!

We hope, as most garden #birds have an average life expectancy of 2-5 years, it will have a lot more life ahead of it!


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Arriving a little while ago, this #hedgehog is the 100th patient we admitted so far this year!

Weighing only 400g, he is a little too small to make it through hibernation and is now making the most of our free bed and breakfast facilities!


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There were some fantastic images submitted for our #WeekendWildlifeChallenge this week!

Here are just a few of your entries. Thanks for showing them with us!

Our challenge next week will be announced on Friday... it involves something sly, furry and orange. Any guesses?

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It's now been nearly three months since these young mallards arrived at the centre and they are almost unrecognisable!

Now looking great in their adult plumage, it won't be long before they can return to the wild!

#AnimalRescue #WildlifeRescue #BabyAnimals

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We'd like to say a huge thank you to the team at The Vet in Richmond (home of the Vet On The Hill TV program) for their recent donation of veterinary supplies!

With everything from food to medication, this will make a massive difference to many patients in the near future!

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Blimey whats going on - too busy too early in the year. At least 8 rescues today as far as i am aware - swans, foxes and a buzzard and more. All this on very depleted volunteer workforce - God bless them for their supreme efforts.

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We're thrilled to say that our broken-wing #kestrel has healed beautifully!

Once the splint was removed, the kestrel has been spending a little time in one of aviaries for some exercise.

Now able to fly perfectly, it won't be long before she can, at last, return to the wild!

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We have seen a surge in hedgehogs birthing a second litter of young hoglets late in to the year - Many are too small to survive winter hibernation. The struggling hoglets are brought in to us at WAF. But we need your help to feed them all!
To donate visit:

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