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PS Dumbledore was gay.

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I’m not sure why it’s not credited. I shall immediately try to find someone to fire.

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Now... here’s the answer to the question in Jill’s tweet! I didn’t really *write* the piece – I improvised it. In about week 3 (I think), we were shooting the Ep 8 scenes inside the house, and during a break the sound recordists and I decided we’d see if we could get something

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down that would pass as this piece Nel recorded in 1954! I had previously fiddled around with some ideas, and the sound department was very patient while I put down a bunch of takes. So it was recorded on the ACTUAL piano in the ACTUAL room where the FICTIONAL Nel recorded it!

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bungalow to Jen and her husband (played in the show - very briefly but convincingly - by my brother, @DanMinchin), and their two boys, Toby and Lucky. She wasn’t allowed to take the piano to the nursing home, so she left it behind… partly because Jen played (and had for a while

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been a music teacher), and partly because she’d noticed that her grandson, Lucky, was really drawn to it. (An aside: keen observers will know that Lucky’s dad's Dad's tragic death soon after they moved into that house, the year that Lucky finally nails “Don’t Get Around Much”).

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couple of years. Nel and Albert’s first baby, Jen, was born in 1951, at which point Nel insisted she was retired. But in 1954, the ABC was desperate to record her new compositions, so sent a recordist around to her house to capture them. It is one of the songs from that recording

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(which Lucky dug out of the ABC archives and got digitized in the late 90s) that Lucky plays to Meg in Episode 3! Upright fans know most of the rest: In the early 80s, Nel – now widowed (poor Albert died quite young) – moved into a nursing home, leaving the Cottesloe

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piano was moved into the front room, where it stayed (until Jen made Lucky take it with him when he left *that* day!) Perth was very excited to have a female jazz pianist as a resident, and she played hugely popular concerts with her trio, and hosted a radio show on the ABC for a

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then married as soon as the war was over. Her husband, Albert (who Lucky never knew), gave her the eponymous upright piano as a wedding gift. Soon after, Albert and Nel migrated to Perth, West Australia, bringing the piano with them. They bought the bungalow in Cottesloe, and the

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@Bababooie42 So, in Upright (TV series) in Ep 3 -at 7:48 - Lucky plays some music from his phone - it is his grandmother in 1954 playing something -it is very dreamy and sad (reminiscent of Legrand's Summer of '42 ) I wonder if @timminchin wrote it?(Can't see a credit)

This is a lovely tweet. A bit of Upright-world history for nerds: Lucky’s grandmother (Jen’s mother) was called Nel (short for Helen), and she was an up-and-coming young jazz pianist in London in the mid 30s. She played concerts for troops through much of the second world war,

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Replying to @bengoldacre: Update to the OpenSAFELY vaccine coverage data this week, and it's mostly very good news indeed. The vaccination gap previ…

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Update to the OpenSAFELY vaccine coverage data this week, and it's mostly very good news indeed. The vaccination gap previously seen between ethnic groups, deprivation categories, and some finer disease subgroups, are mostly narrowing. Vaccinators=heroes.

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I have extraordinarily talented fans. The piano is made by Lindsey @i_in_the_dark, and the portraits are by Saori @team_judas. So frickin cool.
*To be clear, the portraits aren't enormous.

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Botley Cat impersonating the incredible @timminchin atop his lyric-painted-for-charity ‘Airport Piano’ #Yamaha #back #illustration #illustrationart #illustrationartists #illustrators #ink #artwork #drawing #cats #lockdown3 #Lockdown3

This is so great! : )

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Replying to @theBotleyCat: Botley Cat impersonating the incredible @timminchin atop his lyric-painted-for-charity ‘Airport Piano’ #Yamaha #back #il

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News: Due to demand Tim’s added an extra show in Adelaide for the encore return of BACK, as part of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, on Sunday June 13th.

Tickets on sale NOW!

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Hey South Australians! I love Adelaide and I’m bringing BACK back for an encore, as a part of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, on Saturday 12th June.

Tickets on sale Wednesday 24th February at 12pm (AEDT) here:

News: Adelaide! ICYMI - Tickets on sale TODAY at 12pm (AEDT) here:

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Seeing as we're the only news site left we figure we might as well start unveiling corruption on a mass scale

Extraordinary. Talk about seizing the moment. 🙌

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