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#IncredibleIndia #DidYouKnow
Nestled in the snow-capped mountains, the 135-feet statue of Chenrezig is located at a height of 7,200 m at Sangha Choeling near Pelling in West Sikkim.

This is the world’s tallest statue of Chenrezig, a manifestation of Buddha.

PC: Dhiman Santra

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Watch: Meet the #Hyderabad MBA Graduate Whose Dosa Cart Serves 1,000 Customers a Day

Ram’s scrumptious dosas with his trademark coconut chutney makes sure that people kept returning despite his unconventional timings of 3 AM to 8 AM!

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Rahul Panicker, the current 70kgs Indian National Arm Wrestling Champion, added another feather to his cap after he beat ‘world’s strongest bodybuilder’ Larry Wheels in a super match.

Way to go, Rahul!

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No Foreign Leader at Republic Day This Year? Here's Why India's First R-Day Guest Was Special

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Pune Brother-Sister Duo Sell Their Mother’s Innovative Kheer on a Cart, Earn Crores

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Chennai Hoteliers Revive Ancient Sangam-Era 'Biryani', Deliver in Palm Leaf Boxes

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Shaktistellar, a Bhopal-based startup focussed on providing sustainable living solutions, has developed a Portable Biogas unit.

#bhopal #startup #biogas #india

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“My garden expanded after I moved to IISc Bengaluru for my PhD. My hostel room housed nearly 30 plants then, as well as a little kitchen garden in my lab".

#organicfarming #IISc #gardening

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“My own house is made using two shipping containers and opens into a deck. Insulation and cross ventilation is perfect. There’s no need for ACs even when it gets hot outside.”

#architecture #innovation

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To make them lightweight, production designer Sabu Cyril got them made in carbon fibre instead of steel. So what happens to such ‘mega productions’?

#cinema #sustainability #recycling

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Husband-Wife Duo Use Domes, Recycled Materials To Build 400 Homes; Save 30% Costs

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“I earned it all back in two years. Technically, by 2009, the installation was all free and I was already saving 20 tankers of water every year!”

#bengaluru #rainwaterharvesting #watermanagement

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“In the last five years, the investments into the agricultural space has been very encouraging. This validates that agriculture is not considered all that risky as some understand it.”

#agriculture #india

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From using a PVC pipe for composting to using a clay pot to water plants, Dr Chandrashekhar Biradar’s rooftop gardening hacks are amazing!

#environment #scientist

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From using curd and jeevamrutha, Suresh has revived over 15+ edible weeds in a 2,000 sq ft community garden.

#bengaluru #conservation #food #traditional

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IRS Officer Toils for 10 Years To Give His Hamlet Its First-Ever Concrete Road

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Villagers of Barmer, Rajasthan, came up with an indigenous birdbath and feeder to protect birds from the heatwave.

#inspirational #rajasthan #Innovation

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Street vendors like Aruna are central to India's cultural and economic identity, but COVID-19 has dealt them a serious blow. When you #GiftACart, you are providing economic relief to vendors during a critically difficult time.

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