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American-made, Irish-dwelling, endurance athlete. When I'm not in the great outdoors, I am teaching Salesforce fundamentals. 🏢Tech Lead @bluewavegroup


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#trailmixitup this weekend with January's 'Seize the Trail 2021' Quest. Just earn a new badge on @trailhead like #Spring21 Release Highlights and enter to win! 🏆⛰️

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Detected a #Spring21🐛 Related Lists are loading significantly slower than in Winter 21. ⌛ Anyone else?

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Replying to @SalesforceDevs: Looking for a more efficient and automated #DevOps pipeline? Our latest #blog post explains how to use a delta generati…

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Looking for a more efficient and automated #DevOps pipeline? Our latest #blog post explains how to use a delta generation tool to speed up the deployment process.

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Wishing you a happy new year, @JessBurkeSFDC. We missed you yesterday!

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@dublin_sf_devs @LK_Sf_Devs @pchittum @muenzpraeger Apart from running our automated regression on a preview sbx to discover these #XPath changes, is there anything more we can do? Is there an SF #XPath Trailblazer Community out there somewhere 👀

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Huge #ThankYou to everyone who attended the Dublin, IE Admin meetup yesterday! 👏 Our session recording is LIVE. Get up to speed on #DreamTX and #Spring21. The video description includes ⏲️ timestamps for your convenience.


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#Spring21 brings new #XPath changes. (ie, the Save button) This sets test automation engineers all over the world into motion as they update relevant regression scripts during the release preview. Wondering, are these XPath changes published anywhere by @SalesforceDevs?

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Happy New Year #AwesomeAdmins! 🎊✨ Join the Dublin, IE Administrator's Group next Wed, January 13th at 5PM Irish Time to discuss the best of #Spring21 and the #DF2U 2020 conference. Lot's of great content to review! RSVP here:

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A great follow up article after this exciting new project was announced during TrailheaDX this past summer.

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Every Salesforce customer should use a #VCS but, in the past, programming skills have been a barrier. That's why one of the biggest #GameChangers of #DF2U is #DevOps_Center. Now #AwesomeAdmins can contribute with #ClicksNotCode. Hasta la vista Change Sets💥

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👏Spring 21 Pre-Release Orgs are here!👏Register today
Don't wait until the last minute to run a regression of your most important production workflows.
#salesforce #releasereadiness #spring21

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What do you think Ireland? @LK_Sf_Devs @dublin_sf_devs

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Quoted @SalesforceDevs

Finding, fixing, and releasing bug fixes often starts by looking not at code, but the logs the code generates. @codefriar and @ca_peterson have recently added a logging framework to Apex recipes. Check it out:

Was eagerly watching this project evolve in codeLive. Cannot wait to try it out, big #thankyou to @codefriar and @ca_peterson for taking the time. Enjoyed you sharing your thought process as you built it out. 👏

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Every person this week: "Checkout my Spotify 2020 stats!"

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📰Great overview of #EinsteinAutomate by @MikeGerholdt on @SalesforceAdmns Blog ☁️

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📢Checkout this excellent summary from #DF2U #Keynote! 📰 I'm really excited to see #FlowBuilder and #EinsteinAI joining forces next summer in #FlowOrchestrator. This will enable #AwesomeAdmins to automate complex processes like never before! 👏🏻

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Really excited about your #DF2U #Keynote announcements @swbjoyce ! The #EinsteinAutomate collection on the #AppExchange looks great! 👏🏻I can't wait to join the #FlowOrchestrator beta in #Summer21

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Quoted @PhilippeOzil

TIL: you can now use subfolders under "classes" to better organize your Apex classes in your #Salesforce projects.
@SalesforceDevs spread the word!

Packaging #LevelUp

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The new Time Warp component from @salesforce_labs is worth telling all your friends about! See for yourself.

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This year there's been some incredible changes for #FlowBuilder but before you dive in, remember, Salesforce transaction limits haven't changed at all! Before you hit a Production bug, read my article from last Spring. You'll be glad you did👍

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