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2020 was a year of change. The next decade will be even more transformational.

Here are the trends we're keeping an eye on:

👀Data as the linchpin
👀Apps that bring more flow
👀Remote work
👀Investing with values

Learn more with @SalesforceVC:

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❓What do great leaders have in common?
❓What is an “entrepreneurial leader”?

@Stanford professor, & author of Entrepreneurial Leadership, @JoelCPeterson says: a culture of feedback & transparency. Learn tips for leaders & managers on #BlazingTrails ▶️

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Sales in 2021 will be about acknowledging the human first💙

Here's how:

➕Question everything you know about your customer
➕Embrace video voicemail
➕Customer success = your success
➕And more at the link 👇

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#PlatformChampion @NSombu leverages #Customer360 to build trusting relationships with @BritishLandPLC's customers.

The solution enables them to keep their core values going even as they add more and more clients, scaling up ⬆️ ....and up ⬆️ ....and up⬆️!

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Just three months after implementing a new technology platform, @themimit, a Chicago-based healthcare provider, saw savings of over $150,000 and a 459% return on investment.

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From continued education to school classes to corporate coursework, the pandemic changed education forever📚

@pearson's UK & Global Online Learning President discusses the future of education - micro-degrees, emotionally intelligent interactions, & more:

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Next up on #LeadingThroughChange: A discussion about vaccine distribution, plus a conversation on how policy ➕ process ➕ technology is helping roll out the vaccine.

Set a Reminder ⏰

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The countdown continues until the newest innovations in the Spring '21 #SalesforceRelease are generally available📅

Watch highlights below to learn about top included features then get the deets at .

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“Getting the COVID-19 vaccine to billions of people is one of the biggest logistical challenges in the history of our planet, & technology has a critical role to play.” - @btaylor

Learn how Work‍.com for Vaccines is scaling vaccination programs, globally:

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A top takeaway from 2020: AI is now.

Amidst all of the change and disruption, we learned that AI is not a distant future state. It’s a solution helping businesses support customers, creatively solve business challenges, & lead with empathy — right now.

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TFW you have a 360-degree view of your customers😍

#MarketingChampion @lilprgidget uses #Customer360 to provide the teams at Johnson & Johnson a single source of truth.

Learn more:

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We now have a unique opportunity to break away from the old me-first ways of thinking, doing, and being.

Learn more with our marketing maverick @marcfmath:

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The pandemic was seen as an opportunity to disrupt a sector many viewed in dire need of disruption — higher education.

Will education evolve to become more customized and on-demand? 🤔

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Eight hours a day, five days a week - the old ways of working are over. So are the ways in who & how organizations hire.

"Leaders [have] a unique chance to propel their diversity efforts further than they have ever seen." - @ArthurWoods, @FastCompany

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"The stalled economy is projected to have generated 5.9 billion metric tons of emissions, about the same level as 1983." - @washingtonpost

That's a great thing for the climate - the air and water quality have improved, & wildlife is blooming. 🐾

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Not only were two viable COVID-19 vaccines developed at warp-speed 🚀...

... @Pfizer & @Moderna used a game-changing design, RNA (mRNA), opening up the possibility of using similar designs to fight cancer, heart disease, & other infectious diseases.

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COVID-19 forced companies to fast track digital initiatives to meet:

✔️Customer demand
✔️Support remote employee needs
✔️Close the gap created by limited in-person interactions

Proving organizations can be more agile than they ever dreamed:

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The pandemic sent companies scrambling to make sure employees could work securely & productively from home, with reliable connectivity & the right equipment.

The adjustment was swift – 40 times faster than thought possible pre-pandemic – and successful.

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Q: What can you say about a year in which “pandemic” was @MerriamWebster's word of the year?

A: Here are 6 incredibly powerful takeaways:

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