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Da’nya Chopra Jonas ❤️.Dont be afraid to use your voice and speak up about what really matters. We all have a voice and we can use that to spread awareness. BLM


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Funny how everyone started talking to their “friends” more during quarantine and I stopped completely....won’t even get a text back from me ...

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Priyanka never went to a mall ?...... what type stuff is she on

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Parent teacher conference = me basically going to H*ll .... well

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Replying to @xbrisabritx: People who say angels aren’t real obviously haven’t seen Priyanka Chopra💗 I mean look at her🥺

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Imagine we get a scene in citadel of pri kissing a girl

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People who say angels aren’t real obviously haven’t seen Priyanka Chopra💗 I mean look at her🥺

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Remember at nick and Priyanka’s reception ranveer was rapping and pri was dancing and nick was just staring at her like brooo I can’t explain it but it was mad funny

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I just seen someone who look exactly like madhu

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I don’t even remember signing up for text messages from them crackhead era ofc

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Not the Jonas Brothers texting me 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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Nah but pri can cook if she really tried cmon now

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Sheeesh so beautiful

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I have so much edit info but then it’s so much work so

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Quoted @priysangel

❀ my queen ❀


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Not the Jonas brothers playing ... literally everytime I go in a store they’re on the radio

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Heyy @nickjonas what you scared to confuse your love and that’s why you aren’t posting mhm ... unfollowed and blocked ..... unless u post

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She’s so beautiful, why y’all not posting this ?

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Replying to @beyzachopra1: priyanka chopra in krrish

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priyanka chopra in krrish

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Ready, set....Saturday! Switch on @itv at 9.30am as @jamesmartinchef is joined by @priyankachopra and chefs @claudebosi and @_StephenTerry_! Gorgeous recipes include pizza pie, harissa chicken and roast chicken and mac and cheese. It's going to be amazing, don't miss the show!

Pri = cooking = praying for her house

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I love you so much I can’t contain my emotions right now 😭😭

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