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Fan of Indiana Hoosiers and sports fan in general. Can be a little salty about #iubb.

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Nothing worse than Purdue fans talking smack and I got nothin’. 😡

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For Miller to say “It’s on me. We have to get back to work.” makes me livid!!! It’s Purdue Archie. Besides that, even in high school, I don’t ever remember my coach not getting us ready for every single freakin game! 🤬 #iubb

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8 in a row. #iubb I’m f&$%in’ tired of losing to Purdue!

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It’s time for Archie to lose his shit on one of these refs. #iubb

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If TJD could hit a 15 footer, he’d be unstoppable. #iubb

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Horse shit! #iubb

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How have we won 8 games? #iubb

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Can I see some video of Lander making a jump shot at Reitz? #iubb

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We don’t have anyone who can man up with Williams one on one. Have to adjust. #iubb

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Man, I am so ready for us to beat Purdue. #iubb

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I can hear all these folks mad at @dandakich for speaking truth yelling at coaches for putting their child on the bench.

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Good god. #iubb

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My daughter is watching the first episode of The Bachelor, he’s already scored more. #iubb

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I’m used to just shaking off close loses as an #iufb fan. That’s just what we are used to, but this one hurts the soul a little more.

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Let’s go D!

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Let’s gooooo!! Come on!! #iufb

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Whitehead with the play of the game so far. #iufb #forthebrand

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Is there a prop bet on what injury @CoachAllenIU gets today? #iufb

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Replying to @AssemblyCall: Good morning. Today is a great day to kick Ole Miss’ ass.

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Good morning. Today is a great day to kick Ole Miss’ ass.

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