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*Burgh Verified* I am a father, a husband and a civil servant. So basically I just serve everyone.


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I don’t doubt @MarkMaddenX and his sources. I am sure he was told by someone he trusts and wouldn’t have reported anything he didn’t think was true. That all being said, @_TJWatt gave Mark a bigger platform now and that’s what he loves.

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Quoted @CBSSports

What's the coolest an athlete has ever looked in a photo/screenshot?

Just look at @CamHeyward @steelers

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Maybe it’s because he is in the NFC

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How many people are going to steal a version of a Bernie meme and just post with no credit to the original?

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When can I see @JoeBiden at the Hall of Presidents @WaltDisneyWorld? Asking for me.

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Bruce Springsteen is overrated. Don’t @ me

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I doubt the @POTUS account or @JoeBiden account will ever block anyone over the next 4 years. Not because someone won’t tweet anything at them that deserves blocking but because there is no way Biden is looking at his mentions or even actually typing his own tweets.

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Quoted @MeghanKDKA


What do President Trump and President-elect Biden have in common?

They both received Inauguration Day gifts from one glass cutter in Mt. Pleasant.

The #positive story that cuts through the politics, tonight at 7:30 on @KDKA

They’ve both never been in my kitchen

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Quoted @ThatEricAlper

What fictional death affected you the most?

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Law and Order: Criminal Intent - Or what I like to call..None of these cases get solved if you STFU and get a lawyer #LawandOrder

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When Pitt can’t drop shots they look horrible

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Quoted @MoonGolfClub

Let's hear those stories... 🏌 #golf #golfing

Double eagle that I couldn’t see go in.

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Kyrie when Harden comes to town #Harden #nba #TradeNBA

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#ThisIsUs was a lot stronger this week but it still left unanswered why Randall’s mom didn’t keep looking for him? His dad knew where he was and he could have found his dad or search adoption records around his birth date? Maybe she felt she had to let him go to heal. 🤷‍♀️

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Replying to @Buster_ESPN: James Wagner: Tommy Lasorda’s Death Starts a Conversation About His Son

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James Wagner: Tommy Lasorda’s Death Starts a Conversation About His Son

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Cuomo keeps pushing this reTrumplican word and it’s not gonna catch on. Let it die @ChrisCuomo

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Saying 1st annual is one of my top pet peeves @carlahall. As if watching #worstcooks isn’t stressful enough

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Quoted @Cut4

In five words or less....

hit us with the most painful memory of your baseball fandom.

Sid Bream is rounding third

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Well then it was all worth it

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Only took the browns 4 plays to get the ball where they would have if they went for it

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