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Emmy nominated co-host of #NBATwitterLive. Newest member of the Turner Sports family. Podcasts: Talkin' Blazers on @nbcsnorthwest and @RoadTrippinPod.

Portland, OR

Joined on 25 March, 2011

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Quoted @TaylorRooks

GOATs change franchises

Water makes things wet

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The face you make when you fart in the plane

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Quoted @HoodieMusso

@BlameloveSZN @channingfrye This is the tweet I personally saw that made me incline to think he and collin didnt have a good rapport.... it was surprising to me bc collin doing his thang, i took channing as the guy to give him great advice and mentorship so to see diff is disappointing thas all

I was being a troll. I got no problem with the kid.

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When you eat the brownies next to the OutKast album

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Quoted @TaylorRooks

I don’t understand that coverage there... How did the packers let that happen 😫

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Quoted @HoodieMusso

@channingfrye Nah we coo dawg im just a grown man like you i aint no weird troll i know these nba twitter trolls be immature and disrespectful but i aint on that type of time. got a lot of respect for you and all the cavs vets. Heck i even would like to purchase the wine fr. Nthin but respecg

Aight, I’m starting to like you. Honestly Collins development over these years has been amazing. He’s a fucking workhorse. The cavs have done a good job of getting solid young talent. They still STINK on offense but i think it’s due to injuries and youth. But Collin is very good.

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Quoted @BlameloveSZN

@HoodieMusso @channingfrye Do you just not read Channing’s tweets?

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Quoted @HoodieMusso

@channingfrye You act like im disrespecting you on a man to man level man dont be disrespectful fam. I aint never disrespect you in a tweet. 💯

If your getting grouchy about Twitter than I’ll leave you alone.

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Quoted @HoodieMusso

@channingfrye Channing you my dawg im just curious did something happen in the locker room that you refuse to acknowledge young bull? You was one of my fav cavs on/off the court so its just a lil disappointing man thats all

Have you heard me talk about the Cavs this year?

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Quoted @kpgliha333

@channingfrye Note to self, only @channingfrye 5x! Don’t want to become a gif...

I giggled at the quickness of this joke

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Quoted @HoodieMusso

@channingfrye But collin sexton aint? You is a sick dude man lol im surprised at this channing lol

You’ve tweeted me about 6xs about Collin are you trying to have a conversation or just show the world that (look at gif)

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Quoted @Marc_DAmico

Tristan Thompson says that after the Celtics drafted Payton Pritchard (whom he called P-Money), Thompson's former teammate Channing Frye texted him and said, "That kid is a worker. He's gonna surprise a lot of people." @channingfrye, pro scout

I’ve watched that kid get better for 10 years he’s a hooper!

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Quoted @LindseyBaseball

Me after chasing my dog around bc he stole my sock

Me after reading 6pages of a book!

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Quoted @PRandleIII

My man @channingfrye got a fresh cut??? 👀🔥💈

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The NETS looking at a zone defense......

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Quoted @3tre___

“Shooters are only shooters when they shoot.” @channingfrye 🧏🏾‍♂️

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Quoted @h8edlocally

@channingfrye your furniture giving me an aneurysm bruh

Same here! That’s why It’s in the attic!

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Quoted @casodilla422

Yo @channingfrye I dig that painting behind you.

Ha Thank you! Only place that gets good service is my attic. I’m up here with my Christmas decorations

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Quoted @LeeWils78073583

@channingfrye - Why are you guys assuming the Kyrie IG post was aimed at the media?

i was referring to people outside the locker room.

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