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Quoted @ANI

#WATCH | ...If India's labourers, farmers & weavers were strong, protected & given opportunities, China would never dare to come inside India...: Rahul Gandhi, Congress in Erode, Tamil Nadu

India’s misfortune that we have an Opposition leader who doesn’t know what he is talking. He is so content to be a parody of himself.

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Quoted @AninBanerjee

"Tagore, Netaji, Vivekananda, Ramkrishna is our Illusion, emotion, promotion, creation, everything - vision, action, reaction," says Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee at #Netaji125 .

Listen In.

Ericsson-কে কি যেন বলেছিলেন মাননীয়া? সেটাই বা বাদ গেল কেন?

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Quoted @KartikeyaTanna

@abhijitmajumder There is verbal precedence, needs to percolate to every level

Absolutely. But Modi government punishes the rich with all sorts of taxes and surcharges to the point of discouraging wealth creation. Hope this Budget changes that.

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Quoted @AshishXL

Aur bhai saab, ye soda maine sirf Kolkata me dekha, aur kya baat hai

Salt Lake, next to City Centre?

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We Indians and our governments need to realise that lawfully making a lot of money, creating wealth, is an act of nation-building.

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Happy birthday, wonderful woman @carolduncan. Have a wonderful year.

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Don’t be fooled. This is not a farmer’s protest | My piece in ⁦@firstpost

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Quoted @ANI

I believe that India must have 4 rotating capitals. The English ruled the entire country from Kolkata. Why should there be only one capital city in our country: West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee

There should also be four rotating Prime Ministers. Since Narendra Modi has been voted the PM of ‘Indian’ India, Mamata can be the PM representing Mughal India.
There will still be two vacancies: one for British India and another PM standing for Chinese Communist Party of India.

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We are sending Free T-shirt to @mamataofficial
Jai Shri Ram


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Replying to @rjsanskriti: Brazil thanking india with this picture. Can't be more appropriate ❤️😍.

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Brazil thanking india with this picture. Can't be more appropriate ❤️😍.

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Never ignore intuitions. As Holmes says in ‘Elementary’, intuitions represent data processed too fast for the conscious mind to comprehend.

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Quoted @IshitaYadav

Hindus are so intolerant omg

How much more stark can it get :-)

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Indian airports may allow flyers to buy 4 litres of liquor :-)

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Quoted @zidan_yezidi

This beautiful yezidi girl has been freed from isis captivity.

#Free Yezidis women

The horrors she has gone through, all in the name of the ‘most merciful’.

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Quoted @AkbaruddinIndia

India’s “Neighborhood First” policy in action

Amidst global ‘vaccine nationalism’ India treads path of #VaccineMaitri 🙏🏽

Article courtesy - @WSJ

Replying to @RMantri: “India is closing itself to the world”

“Intolerant nationalism is on the rise”

“Pluralism is under threat”

“Strongman popu…

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“India is closing itself to the world”

“Intolerant nationalism is on the rise”

“Pluralism is under threat”

“Strongman populism on the rise”

Blah blah blah. If you read slanted foreign media on India, you will never understand what India actually is and what it is doing.

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Why does Bollywood/web series content only target Hindu gods?
What makes those trained never to slight their own god or prophet take digs at others’ faith?
My take on the #Tandav controversy.

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Quoted @Razarumi

This is just so sad. Class privelege, colonial hangover and depravity of Pakistani elite -- all rolled into one clip. The hero here is this manager and my salam to him for his hard work, dedication and putting up with this!

These women are disgusting beyond words. Same with a very large section of India’s English-speaking elite.

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Quoted @swatic12

Iska to Ananya pandey se bhi zyada bada struggle nikla

He actually said this?

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