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Shipment of 100,000 #COVID vaccine doses left for Maldives. A humble gift from Government and people of India to Maldives.

#Bhutan and #Maldives have become first two countries to receive the vaccines as part of India’s world largest vaccine drive. #HumanityBeforeSelf

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Replying to @MEAIndia: First consignment takes off for Bhutan!

India begins supply of Covid vaccines to its neighbouring and key partner countries.…

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#OriginalRecord: This is how Benazir Bhutto (PM of Pakistan in 1990) provoked Muslims in Pakistan and India's Kashmir to provoke the worst fire of hatred among masses

Openly threatening then Governor of Jammu and Kashmir.

Major catalyst in exodus of #KashmiriHindus from Kashmir

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Yellen says Biden to use all tools against China's 'abusive' trade practices. Janet Yellen, President-elect Joe Biden's nominee to be US Treasury secretary.

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The government is expanding university capacity, but some young people worry that the option will only postpone a crisis stemming from a shortage of well-paying work.

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First consignment takes off for Bhutan!

India begins supply of Covid vaccines to its neighbouring and key partner countries.


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Replying to @amritabhinder: Imran Khan bringing held back PIA planes ✈️ like:


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Imran Khan bringing held back PIA planes ✈️ like:


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#Pakistan has been grappling with economic woes and the situation is not likely to change anytime soon. As per reports, following the footsteps of Saudi Arabia, the UAE might seek repayment of its $3 million debt from the Pakistani government.

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VIDEO: More than half a million #KashmiriHindus were forced to leave their motherland #Kashmir under the continuous threats of Islamist Jihadists completely backed by Pakistani govt

All mosques on a single night made an announcement that all Hindus should leave or die #ExodusDay

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Replying to @BharatDefenders: Endangered species including #Ibex found in Gilgit-Baltistan, India. #CorruptImranKhan

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Children of Kashmir have not forgotten their homeland and are waiting to see a new dawn at home. They are spreading vibes of positivity, wisdom and togetherness in Kashmir once again which many thought won't be happening again. #KashmiriHindus are back in Kashmir for new future.

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This was what has happened in past and is bound to change now. Now winds have changed and now the future belongs to all including Kashmiri Hindus again living in Kashmir with new ray of hope, harmony and shining future.

These are #KashmiriHindu children home again.

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The #KashmiriHindus were made to live worst nightmare after the #KashmiriHinduExodus. They were forced to live in camps and tents in spine chilling winters. They left in 1990, but when will they return to their Mauj Kasheer n/n

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As per RTI's filed, it shows 219 Kashmiri Hindus were slaughtered which is just a record. Local records show that as much as 1400 Kashmiri Hindus were killed and More than 5000 were dead due to Heat strokes & snakebites in camps. #KashmiriHinduExodus 9/n

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Then governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Jagmohan also pleaded Kashmiri Hindus to come back to Kashmir & not leave their homeland. But the terror of being killed by Jihadis inside Kashmir had not gone.

ISI created Jagmohan theory to mask genocide of #KashmiriHindus. 8/n

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All the houses and shops which Kashmiri Hindus left behind were either sold at 30% of their original cost or were encroached by local Muslim population. Temples, lands, houses, Institutions etc., there was nothing which was left undamaged by fundamentalist Islamists. 7/n

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Slogans were raised from local mosques, directly telling Kashmiri Hindus to leave Kashmir or else they will be themselves responsible for death of their family and friends. Hindu women were taken by force, R@ped and throwed on roads. The terror was beyond imagination. 6/n

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Not just one, but so many Jihadi organizations looking at a goal of making Kashmir Islamic state released letters and posters against Hindus, directly targeting and threatening them. Some of them are shown here: #KashmiriHinduExodus #KashmiriHinduExodus_31yrs 5/n

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This Genocide and ethnic cleansing of #KashmiriHindus in 1990 was an attempt by Jihadis to create Islamic Kashmir which can be easily raised against India, finally to join Pakistan. Mosques and Urdu papers were blazing with Hate speech against Hindus. 4/n

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A Thread: The #ExodusDay of #KashmiriHindus from Kashmir in 1990 on this day "19 January" is not something which can be forgotten. Lakhs of people left their land, their homes, their belongings and moved to survive from Pakistani sponsored Islamic fundamentalist attacks 1/n

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Endangered species including #Ibex found in Gilgit-Baltistan, India. #CorruptImranKhan

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