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Replying to @ElaniKitten: dating's a fun way to find out you don't like anybody

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What we’re not going to do is shame sex workers just because you’re mad that she’s new competition - I’m just saying #TheBachelor

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86 likes and Jace will get this drawing I made tattooed on them 😅😅😅


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Okay, we’ll this has officially been the longest thread for me to basically say that you’ve gotta get your mind right and put it back where it belongs - in your body with you

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I think the most helpful thing for me has been setting myself for realistic success, and leaving wiggle room for the “what if” failures that inevitably come along.

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I haven’t found the balance between what I think I need to be doing to take care of me and actually doing whatever it is to take care of me.

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I’ve been holding myself super accountable to myself for the first time ever. Like why am I willing to bend over backwards for the people in my life because I care about them, but I make up excuses if I break a promise to myself.

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Because I feel like no one else is looking out for me but me, and that I can’t rely on other people for information, I have to get it myself.

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Anyways my biggest thing I’ve been working on is being less available to everyone else before I’m totally available to myself so I’m teetering in uncharted waters for me.

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So I realized that I feel the need to be connected to the internet at all times is because I feel like the more I know, the more prepared I will be. So I obsessively check emails, work logs, the news etc (and I mean obsessively) bc I fear that I’m putting myself at a disadvantage

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Also I was actually off the internet for most of today and found it oddly satisfying despite my constant booming anxiety that I’m going to miss something important (as if I could think of anything exciting or important)

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I was just feeling really shitty about myself because I felt like I wasted my whole day. Then I remembered I did a meditation, rode six miles on my @onepeloton and almost beat my PR, showered, dried my hair, folded laundry, and read for 2.5 hours. If that’s not productive.. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Audible is offering two free books with a free 30 day trial of their Premium Plus Program. I’m currently already reading @BarackObama’s A Promise Land, so I got the audiobook to go along with it bc I love his speaking voice AND I got @MichelleObama’s Becoming too! 🥰

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i cried


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Not much else does it for me the way HP, twinkle lights and candles, fuzzy blankets and oversized hoodies, and pup snuggles while it’s raining. The simplest pleasure that very few things may top.

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Honestly though, it doesn’t make sense to open now since it’s worse than when we shut down again but like since when does anything the government does make sense in realistic terms, ya know? 🙃

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I had the most vivid dream the other day and I remembered every single detail when I woke up. Later that day I tried to tell someone about it, and I couldn’t remember a single thing. This is why we write things down. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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BREAKING: President Biden will repeal Trump’s ban on transgender Americans from serving in the military tomorrow, per @CBSNews.


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Replying to @DannyPellegrino: I’m still following rules and I’ll continue to do my part, but I’m really emotionally drained from this fcking pandemi…

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I’m still following rules and I’ll continue to do my part, but I’m really emotionally drained from this fcking pandemic.

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dating's a fun way to find out you don't like anybody

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My dog is famous. We will not be taking questions at this time.

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