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Quoted @Varun_dvn

Aeeeee coolie coolie coolie 🌶🌶🌶 trailer out now 💥

All the best @varun_dvn Looking forward! Good luck! 👍🏽

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I'm sure you're the choosen one! Great going with the budding cricketers at J&K and Happiest birthday wishes to you brother @ImRaina have a great year ahead, this is just the beginning!

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Quoted @xpresslite

There’s a parallel to be drawn between Maaran’s passion in this film and #suriya's own seeming passion for this film that has resulted in a performance that easily outshines everything from his recent past.
Read @sudhirsrinivasn's #SooraraiPottru review!

Thank you @sudhirsrinivasn really enjoyed reading it and felt good.

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Quoted @KicchaSudeep

Congrats @Suriya_offl ,,, awestruck by ur flawless performance in SP. Commands a standing ovation.
Cheers and Congrats friend.

Dearest @KicchaSudeep thank you so much for the love... means a lot to us!!!

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Replying to @rajsekarpandian: Get the Boeing out field clear...😂😂 #LadyCaptain #SudhaKongara #ThugLife #SooraraiPottruOnPrime

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Get the Boeing out field clear...😂😂 #LadyCaptain #SudhaKongara #ThugLife #SooraraiPottruOnPrime

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உங்க பாராட்டு அவ்ளோ சந்தோஷம் தருது சார்..!!!
நான் என்றுமே நீங்கள் விதைத்த விதை தான்..! ரொம்ப ரொம்ப நன்றி சார் 🙏 @itsme_vasanth

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Quoted @PCMohanMP

Watched #SooraraiPottru in Kannada, a movie loosely based on Capt Gopinath’s #SimplyFly. An absolute gem for 1st generation entrepreneurs, Soorarai Pottru urges us to follow our passion & pursue our dreams. Every youngster set on an entrepreneurial journey must watch.@Suriya_offl

Thank you sir...Glad you liked it in Kannada!

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Quoted @Mohanraj_Suriya

@Suriya_offl Anna Ungalukaga Indha Twitter la 3 Years Irundhum unga kitta irundhu Oru Like Kooda Vaanga Mudila 😔 #SooraraiPottru

😊 Thank you for all the love 👊🏽

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Quoted @sureshsubha

WHATTTT a performance! Having seen the efforts you put and the intensity with which you bring life to any character it was no surprise for me but still you outdid yourself @Suriya_offl sir! A 'Not to miss movie' #SooraraiPottruOnPrime Take a bow @Sudhakongara_of & the whole team

Sir! 🙏🏽

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Quoted @PushkarGayatri

@Suriya_offl is one of the finest actors of our generation! A beautifully nuanced performance. Could feel the intensity of Maara in every breath. @Aparnabala2 - Loved the truth she brought to Bommi. @kaaliactor #vivekprasanna and all the actors were fantastic. #SooraraiPottru

Guys thank you! 👍🏽

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Quoted @deepolice12

Watched“Soorarai Potru”, in Kannada,a fictional biography of Capt Gopinath”Simply Fly”.I recommend youth should see how impossible dreams could be realized;power of an insignificant man/woman is enormous,there is power in each of us to show Leadership and Change Had Tears seeing.

Very kind of you sir! 🙏🏽

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Quoted @khushsundar

#SooraraiPottru what a film! @Suriya_offl you were outstanding. Your eyes spoke volumes. There were gamut of emotions in every frame. Huge applaud to you n #SudhaKongara for this masterpiece. #aparna #Urvashi were brilliant too. A must watch. Again n again. Take a bow team 💐❤🙏

Thank you ka!

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Quoted @C_T_Lakshmanan

#AmazonPrime scores a big win with #SooraraiPottru Always difficult to make a biopic. Kudos to the director @Sudhakongara_of for a brilliant script, perfect casting & for excelling in every aspect of movie making.

Sir thank you!

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Quoted @DOP_Tirru

We used to watch Hollywood’s biopics in awe. Now we have made something equivalent to that. Feeling very proud of @Suriya_offl sir and team for this engaging movie. This is the time for transition, and we welcome the change!

@Sudhakongara_of @rajsekarpandian #SooraraiPotru

Thank you sir!!!

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Quoted @DhivyaDharshini

SURIYAAAAAA SIR , MINDBLOWING SIR , @Suriya_offl , @gvprakash ur ultimate in the film @Aparnabala2 outstanding , every single actor Kali ji, Oorvasi Amma, Vathiyar,every one 🙏🙏🙏@nikethbommi brilliance #SooraraiPotru . As a normal fan soooo happy 🥰@2D_ENTPVTLTD

DD thank you so much!

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Quoted @SanjeeveVenkat

#SooraraiPottru just loved it Completely! Fabulous performance from @Suriya_offl 😇 Brilliant work in making #SudhaKongara 👌 kudoos to the entire Team 👏

Thank you mama!

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Quoted @TheDeverakonda

#SooraraiPottru #AakaasamNeeHaddhuRa -
Watched it with a big gang of friends, all boys, 3 of them cried, I was just raging through the film and fired up to see the outsider make his statement 🔥 and a statement was made!

Thank you @TheDeverakonda 👊🏽

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Send us your love! #SooraraiPottruOnPrime

#SudhaKongara @rajsekarpandian @gvprakash @nikethbommi @Aparnabala2 #SatishSuriya #Jacki @guneetmonga @sikhyaent @2D_ENTPVTLTD @SonyMusicSouth

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Replying to @2D_ENTPVTLTD: Keep the love coming! ✈️❤️
#SooraraiPottruOnPrime watch now, @PrimeVideoIN

@Suriya_offl #SudhaKongara @rajsekarpandian @…

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Keep the love coming! ✈️❤️
#SooraraiPottruOnPrime watch now, @PrimeVideoIN

@Suriya_offl #SudhaKongara @rajsekarpandian @gvprakash @nikethbommi @Aparnabala2 @editorsuriya @jacki_art @guneetm @sikhyaent @SonyMusicSouth

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And we're live!

#SooraraiPottruOnPrime, now on @PrimeVideoIN
#SudhaKongara @rajsekarpandian @gvprakash @nikethbommi @Aparnabala2 @editorsuriya @jacki_art @guneetm @sikhyaent @2D_ENTPVTLTD @SonyMusicSouth

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