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Believer. Husband to @ayeshacurry, father to Riley, Ryan and Canon, son, brother. Golden State Warriors guard. Davidson Wildcat. Philippians 4:13 #IWILL


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Tonight I'm fighting for my brothers in the NBA, athletes across the world, and most importantly my children. #tysonjones #holdat

Let’s go @nate_robinson. Hold it down 💪🏽

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Go time! Let’s get it. 3 PM ET on TNT. #championsforchange

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We were so bummed we had to cancel the tour this year and wanted to thank the Top 32 for putting in that work in Chicago and Dallas. Special shout out to our partner @rakutensports . #StayUnderrated

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They're gonna have to put that 24 second shot clock on Chuck for this thing. He's gonna be burning daylight out there @PhilMickelson 😂😂😂 #TheMatch

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@CallawayGolf @StephenCurry30 I wasn’t worried about next week’s Match but I kind of am now 😳

Your biggest worry should be your partner’s swing. 👀😏 #TheMatch #ChampionsforChange @CallawayGolf

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I teamed up with my friends at @rakuten to bring some smiles and ease the pain of 2020 for some very deserving people. 👀 out our first surprise 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 #AGiftOfJoy #Joy

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Once campers. Now teammates.


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48th pick in 2020 -> 43rd pick in 1983

Like father, like son.

Congrats @niccolomannion

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I’ve been so inspired by the stories of people who are still making time to give back to their communities. I teamed up with my friends at @Rakuten along with @StormReid @S10Bird and @AyeshaCurry to surprise a deserving few with a little joy. Stay tuned! #AGiftofJoy #Rakuten #Joy

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.@palm stepping up to support local families in need this holiday season. 👏🏽👏🏽Every Palm bundle purchased = 3 meals provided to food insecure families in the Bay Area via @WCKitchen. What the holiday season is all about. 🙏🏽

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#lockin Voters. Please Stay in line and see your vote all theway through. It’s worth it #ElectionDay2020

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Want to keep learning from Dr. Fauci? 👀 my YouTube page to check out the full conversation! 👇🏽

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Even with his busy schedule, Dr. Fauci took the time to sit down with me (AGAIN) and talk about what we’ve gotten right and what we’ve gotten wrong. Let’s continue to be positive! #StateOfInspiration

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.@staceyabrams drops so much knowledge, so make sure to check out our entire conversation 👇🏽

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We all know how important it is to get out and vote, but do you know why? @StaceyAbrams broke down some important topics including early voting, first time voting and safely casting your ballot during COVID. If you still have questions, check this out! #Vote #StateOfInspiration

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If 5 min isn't enough for you, 👀 my YouTube page to check out the full conversation! 👇🏽

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I had a great conversation with @BillGates last week! We talked about the effect COVID-19 has had on technology, education, employment and more. Stay inspired. 🙏🏽 #StateOfInspiration

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Been in Toronto cooking up something special. Stay inspired! #StateOfInspiration

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Replying to @JoeBiden: .@CP3 and @StephenCurry30 know exactly what it means to finish strong down the stretch. We’re in the closing days of this cam…

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.@JoeBiden great to be with you back home last week in NC!! @stephencurry30 missed you but you know what had to stop by your gym! The election of our lifetime. Vote for @joebiden and @kamalaharris!!

It’s election season don’t miss your chance to use your voice let’s go! #VOTE

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.@CP3 and @StephenCurry30 know exactly what it means to finish strong down the stretch. We’re in the closing days of this campaign, and it’s time to finish this fight and cast our ballots.

Don’t miss your shot: Register to vote today at .

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