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Replying to @beatsbydre: 🎧 DROP ALERT 🎧 We linked up with @scHoolboyq and @cameron__champ, and collaborated with @malbongolf to create a product des…

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🎧 DROP ALERT 🎧 We linked up with @scHoolboyq and @cameron__champ, and collaborated with @malbongolf to create a product designed to make golf more inclusive for the next generation.🏌💥 Hit the link: to get the Malbon x Beats Pill+ now.

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Quoted @mtsciro

Hey @ScHoolboyQ you go on vacation dude? Haven’t Been relevant since 2014

THese be tHe best tweets... ima leave it Here for a few montHs. THank u

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@ScHoolboyQ My nigga that's like $4 in rich nigga terms. I'm sure you covered that in streaming before you woke up today😄

Iono How ricH u tHink I am but 400 is 400 braH relax

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400 dollars for tHe vet to tell me nutHings wrong wit my dog.... 🤦🏾‍♂️

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He deleted tHe tweet 😂😂

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WHat about tHe black kids tHat grew up witHout sHit 🤔 momma ain’t Have sHit 🤔 grandma ain’t Have sHit🤔 great grandma ain’t Have sHit 🤔 great great grandma barley being free’d 🤔.. let’s not talk about boats

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Quoted @JIDsv

@ScHoolboyQ damn bro, that shit heavy smh never thought of it this way

It’s all good. People don’t even understand How tHey fucked our wHole mental up cHamp

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Quoted @gmalone

no such thing as black on black crime...

that’s just “crime”

I tell people tHis all tHe time.. wHats even more sad is Hearing black people say “BLACK ON BLACK CRIME” 🤦🏾‍♂️ I use 2 say dumb sHit like tHat my damn self

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I Love You its pretty simple

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Anyway we love u 2 @JoeBudden .. you bout cHange a lot for a lot of people.

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Quoted @CruxnoMajoe

@ScHoolboyQ And thats doin something positive. YOU DID THAT. Not blaming the system or bitchin bout ur past. I'm not knocking you down, I'm just sayin stop this whole "systemic racism" thing. It does not exist.

WHat doesn’t exist is black on black crime but someHow CRIME is Held 2 a different standard for us 🤔 so leave me alone and don’t talk to me about systemic racism

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AntHony Huber!!!!!!!!!! Love u braH

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Quoted @JoeyB

How can you hear the pain Black people are going through and dismiss it as nothing. How can you hear the pain and respond with anything other than “I stand with you.”

Big dawg Joey we love u Homie

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As we've been saying, please do not erase the WNBA's leadership in this. Media may not spotlight them like they should be folks need to know and recognize their voices in this moment and throughout the last several years.

I’m getting season tickets for tHe sparks once we can all kick it again.

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OUT NOW, get yours! ⛳ @PGATOUR2K #PGATOUR2K21 #TDE

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Replying to @gorillaz: Song Machine | Episode Five
PAC-MAN ft. @ScHoolboyQ out now! 👻

🎹 https://t…

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Song Machine | Episode Five
PAC-MAN ft. @ScHoolboyQ out now! 👻


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I’m tHis petty 😂

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Neva CHange x @ScHoolboyQ @sza @DjDahi | @TPAIN x The Boss snuck in there too. Through all of this I still LOVE BEING BLACK‼️ If you vibe with this hit the link to the Louisville Community Bail Fund in my Bio and bless them with some coins 🙏🏿✊🏿 #BlackAndProud #BlackJoy #Sax


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Found this gem of @ScHoolboyQ what age y'all think man's is at here??


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