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DJ Wonnum made some nice plays in 2020 and I think he probably still over-exceeded his expectations for where he was selected in the draft, but I'm definitely NOT in the crowd that believes he should be a starter opposite D-Hunt heading into 2021.

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Not being able to celebrate a Super Bowl really sucks, but this was--is--and will always be the coolest moment in my 20+ years as a #Vikings fan.


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lol gird your loins #Vikings fans because there’s no way Zimmer passes on him if he’s available


There's no way we should pass on him if he's available at #14. Perfect scheme fit and he'd likely be the BPA as well.

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Miami DE Gregory Rousseau is the early-on consensus selection by experts for the #Vikings at #14.

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BREAKING: Former #Vikings front office assistant, George Paton is finalizing a 6 year deal to be the next GM of the Denver Broncos, per Rap.

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First TDN mock of the year. I ♥️ #DraftSZN.

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LOTS of QB-needy teams (NE, WFT, CHI, IND, PIT, TB) sitting in the late teens/early and mid 20's that are going to need to trade some hefty capital if they want to move up and get the guy they want.

#Vikings are sitting in a real good spot at #14.

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The best thing a struggling franchise like the Texans (who have 0 1st rd picks), can do for themselves this offseason is trade JJ Watt (32 in March) for as much value as possible.

Keep Watson and do whatever it takes to assemble quality pieces to make him happy. Get capital back

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Breaking: Colts left tackle Anthony Castonzo is retiring after 10 years with the team.


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@Purple_Post Trade Thielen give his money to Thuney in free agency and draft one of these top recievers 🤷‍♂️

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People are RAVING about how good (and he is) Devonta Smith is—-and he’s not even the best WR in this upcoming class 👀👀

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Replying to @sosarick: Could have signed Norwell in 2018.. could have signed Saffold in 2019.. heck could have even drafted Hernandez instead of non…

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Could have signed Norwell in 2018.. could have signed Saffold in 2019.. heck could have even drafted Hernandez instead of non factor Hughes and still done better #Skol 📸 @Purple_Post

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My buddy just texted me this picture of the PFF grades for all 32 starting LGs this season. Yikes.

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Did Jimmy Graham for real just make the play of the game and leave the field? 😂😂😂

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Who will be starting at QB for the Bears next time they take the field?

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Bro, CGJ has such a mouth. Dude is picking fights every single week and the refs just let him get away with it.

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How do you make such a great catch one play and have an embarrassingly bad drop on the next play?

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Seahawks’ S Jamal Adams played Saturday’s game vs. the Rams with a torn labrum in his left shoulder that will require off-season surgery. But Adams has other issues. His right shoulder also might need surgery. And Adams plans to have surgery to the fingers on his left hand.

Tore my labrum in HS. No freaking idea how in the heck you play a full game with one.

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2020 season predictions

Games are won in the trenches. Most of you already know how I feel about the OL and without a Linval or Pierce, the run game concerns me. Nonetheless--I still expect this team to make a Wild Card. #SKOL

*The #Vikings do better when I expect less.

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