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There’s no place like home.

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“Soul celebrates the idea of community and the people that are around us.” ✨🏙 Celebrate the joys of community with the cast of Disney and Pixar’s Soul. Watch Soul only on #DisneyPlus December 25. #PixarSoul

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Just shared on @ABCNetwork, check out this behind-the-scenes look of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure where guests will rendezvous with Chef Remy through Gusteau's bustling Paris restaurant in the France Pavilion at EPCOT® at @WaltDisneyWorld! Coming 2021.

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Dinner is served. Have a super Thanksgiving, Pixar fans!

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Experience a story that’s larger than life. ✨🎹 Disney and Pixar’s Soul is streaming only on #DisneyPlus December 25. #PixarSoul

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To the everyday superheroes, to all those who go to infinity and beyond, to the real life magic makers—thank you.

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Our biggest little movie made its way to the big screen on this day in 1998.

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Let’s hear a big roar for the day that The Good Dinosaur was released into theatres in 2015.

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In 1 month, discover where the journey will take you. Disney and Pixar’s Soul starts streaming on #DisneyPlus December 25. #PixarSoul

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On this day in 1999, Toy Story 2 made its big screen debut! What’s your favorite line from this iconic sequel?

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Racers, start your engines! (Concept art from Cars 2)

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We talk about the differences between back then and now, but I see some important similarities, that energy, the creative problem solving and the craft that’s involved. In that way it’s is just like the old days!” – Bob Pauley, Character Designer, Toy Story #ToyStory25

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Most recently, I was the production designer on Toy Story 4. I am currently having a blast helping out on an unannounced feature film at Pixar, where I’m working with a new generation of energetic and smart filmmakers.

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We were also under the radar since no one knew what Pixar was, so we were still kind of a secret. We were working on something wonderful that no one had seen before, and the world had no idea what they were in for!

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The energy working on Toy Story, working with everyone, working with friends, being part of the team – it was fun. I learned a lot, and what I did in art was still pencil on paper (we used less computers in art back then).

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“I was lucky to be part of the original Toy Story film in the Art Department. I designed characters (toys), and worked on a couple sets, and created some graphics. I was drawing the ‘plans’ and working to support the modelers to build those characters and sets.

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Them: What are you thinking about?
Me: 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶

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On this day in 2017, Coco opened in theatres in the United States! Have you been able to get “Remember Me” out of your head since?

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Life is full of possibilities, you just have to know where to look. Watch the new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s Soul, streaming this Christmas only on #DisneyPlus. #PixarSoul

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