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Taco killing machine. PT Cat in training.

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It’s Taco Tuesday!!!

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What’s happening? What am I missing?? What’s going on??

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It’s snooze time!!! (5 hours, 3 minutes till dinner 😾)

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Our favourite jelly belly this week has to be Mercy. Sadly her owner passed away and we are hoping to place her in a new home soon. #JellyBellyFriday

Who wants to live with this bellylicious lady???

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Wake up & play, Pickle!

Could you file a restraining order @lufflyLu ?

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Mr Taco loves Sundays. Idiot.

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Have a fun day!

I’m being attacked! Call the police!!!

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You shouldn’t even have legs, you’re a taco!! No one will care if I pull them off!!

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Ms @kelliepickler do you support @picklesbaseball like me? #PicklesUnite Here’s a picture of me with my taco!

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Must not kill the taco. Must not kill the taco. Oh f*ck it. KILL HIM!

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Pickle, I just found out Happy the sad elephant died...but she leaves behind her blind friend, Sa Ard. And the sanctuary could still use some donations to help all the sad animals they care for. 💔😿

Help these long nosed thingies!

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And this is from my Tarantino film:Pulp Furction

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This is from my slapstick comedy: ‘There’s Something About Hairy’

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And this is from my remake of Jaws: ‘Paws’

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Did you know I’m a film star? Here’s a still from my horror debut ‘Furry Movie’

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Whatcha doing? Is it dinner time yet? (49 minutes!)

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I’m just making sure my mum doesn’t go anywhere!! #ThoughtfulPickle

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@PickliciousF @Kermit_fat_cat @rickygervais @JaneFallon But why do you look like Baby Yoda here, Pickle? Did you go for a little nip n tuck whilst disappeared from Twitter?

I’ve heard a rumour that people think I was off having plastic surgery and not really suspended from Twitter! Absolute libel!! Who would have surgery when they look like this??? #NaturalPickle

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Ah yes! This will do ...

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