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Make your Valentine fall Head over Heels 👠 this year with a @BookCameo ‼️💝 Follow the link below to get your personalized message from me. I’d love to help make your Valentine’s Day as special as possible ‼️ XoP

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New songs featured in this week's episode added to my #TheMaskedDancer playlist ‼️ 🎭 @MaskedDancerFOX @FOXTV

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I’ve loved seeing all of your #GrubWhatYouLove dances!!🥗 Congrats to @Grubhub winner @sophiafalbooo on TikTok. Keep dancing!! 💃 XoP #GrubhubPartner

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Replying to @BravoWWHL: Singer-songwriter @PaulaAbdul talks co-writing 'Spinning Around' for Australian pop star @KylieMinogue. #WWHL…

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Replying to @BravoWWHL: During #WWHL, @PaulaAbdul reacted to Madonna bringing up her name in an interview with the 'Straight Up' singer's ex-boyfrie…

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If you haven’t had COVID, you can still help by donating blood to hospitals in need. Go to to learn more and schedule your appointment. #COVIDRescueTeam

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Over 22.6 million Americans have battled the Coronavirus and right now there is a surge in COVID-19 patients.  If you’ve recovered from COVID-19, you may have powerful antibodies in your blood plasma — one COVID plasma donation can help save up to 4 COVID patients!

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During #WWHL, @PaulaAbdul reacted to Madonna bringing up her name in an interview with the 'Straight Up' singer's ex-boyfriend back in 1990.

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Singer-songwriter @PaulaAbdul talks co-writing 'Spinning Around' for Australian pop star @KylieMinogue. #WWHL

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That was so fun! Thanks for watching with me tonight ‼️🍿 See you again next Wednesday at 8/7c on @FOXTV💋XoP #TheMaskedDancer #NameThatTune

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Quoted @halomew

@PaulaAbdul Of course!! I really only listen to your songs. I'd probably recognize a few notes backwards!! 😝

You know it 2 steps forward ⏩ and 2 steps backwards ⏪😉 #NameThatTune

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Quoted @PA_Pamily

They did “Opposites Attract” on @namethattune tonight with @YO_RANDYJACKSON and I didn’t get it. 😭 😭 😭 I am sorry, @PaulaAbdul! I confess!!

Don’t worry, honey ‼️💋 Did any of you guess “Opposites Attract” on #NameThatTune? How many notes did it take you? 🎶 XoP

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Even if @YO_RandyJackson was wearing a mask...I’d be able to recognize that man behind the piano on #NameThatTune anywhere ‼️🎹 #TheMaskedDancer

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Quoted @namethattune

.@YO_RANDYJACKSON's on point. 👌👌 #NameThatTune

Replying to @MaskedDancerFOX: No choice but to stan @YO_RANDYJACKSON. #NameThatTune

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These #NameThatTune contestants are too good ‼️ They’re already getting the songs right before I even take a guess. 😅

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You’ll love the view from up here? Is this another short joke? 😜 #NameThatTune

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Deleted scene of me & @PaulaAbdul during #WordUp #TheMaskedDancer 👇👇

MC Ken Kat 😸

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Watching my girl @PaulaAbdul on @MaskedDancerFOX right now!! Who do yall think mr.sloth with da chainz is?!?! 🤔I've got some ideas 🤣 #MaskedDancer

Thank you, my dear friend. ❤️ Thank you for watching #TheMaskedDancer with me, east coast ‼️ Keep watching @FOXTV with me as #NameThatTune begins ‼️🎶

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So sad to see the eliminated dancer go...what an inspiring individual ‼️ Sending you so much love, thank you for sharing your talents with us ‼️💋 XoP #TheMaskedDancer

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The anticipation is killing me... #TheMaskedDancer

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It’s OUT! Presenting the official #QuarantineWedding video for “Will You Marry Me?”‼️ It has been so special seeing everyone come together in such unprecedented times to celebrate life and love. 💍 I hope this puts a smile on your face! 🥰 XoP

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