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Bedrock players, better pad those noisy boots with some wool: the all-hearing sculk sensor can now be tried out in the latest beta – along with the new dripstone block!

Grab the latest beta build now:

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 6,516  226  426  Download

Java players, get ready to glow things up! Encounter the magnificently emissive glow squid in the latest Java snapshot – and use their ink sacs to illuminate your item frames and signs!

Learn how to get the snapshot:

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 50,977  2,650  2,327  Download

Towering towers; plenty of domes, and lots of gratuitous swirly bits: the builders at @OneMap11 prove once again that the Olympian gods truly had an impeccable sense of style!

Take a look behind the scenes of this heavenly build:

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 7,363  135  290  Download

ICYMI on @MinecraftMarket: ‘KPOP Lookbook: Lily & Mike’ by Vanillaburp Studio. Practise your dance routines, dye your hair a luminous colour and pick your look from these 20-different outfits: it’s time to bring your K-pop dreams to life!

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 3,467  173  101  Download

From living in updated caves to buggy bees behind the scenes: the team sat down to answer your latest questions in this new episode of Ask Mojang!

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 5,115  233  165  Download

Better match those dancing shoes with some sturdy armour, because collecting every music disc will require plenty of adventuring!

Learn all about this scattered collection of absolute jams:

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 7,630  236  229  Download

Stealthily sneaking ninjas, heavy-duty mech suits, and pets with excellent headgear: leave no dream unachieved with this month's @MinecraftMarket content added to Realms Plus!

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 6,107  177  238  Download

After many great adventures, we’ve made the difficult decision to close down Minecraft Earth in June 2021. We’re so grateful for all your support, and today’s last build includes several adjustments to make these last months as fun as possible:

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 22,228  1,909  1,434  Download

Breathe in, breathe out! Tune out the zombie growls and find your inner peace with today’s Community Celebration gift for Bedrock: the ever-so-tranquil Bloom map by @gmodeone!

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 7,615  251  308  Download

The intricate cobweb is great for building traps, hiding secret entryways, and signaling to the world that you will not be pressured into ‘occasionally cleaning your room’.

Learn all about this symbol of liberated souls everywhere:

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 6,350  203  185  Download

From Steve in Smash to Minecraft Dungeons’ villager choirs, and from goatier goats to the Infinity Snapshot: we woke up a certain sentient computer to bring you 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Minecraft – in 2020:

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 5,427  126  212  Download

Java and Bedrock players: put on your wings and take to the skies with this week’s Community Celebration gift: the new-and-improved Terra Swoop Force by @Noxcrew. For science!

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 6,366  263  249  Download

As we near the end of this year, let our intrepid writers wish you the happiest of holidays – by taking you back through the last year of Minecraft:

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 7,615  192  321  Download

In order to stay warm in the Swedish winter, Jens and Lydia sat down to answer all your most burning questions in this Ask Mojang holiday special! (They won’t tell us how many trees they punched to build that shelter, though.)

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 4,142  119  124  Download

Ahh, to live under the sea! Forget your troubles amongst the bubbles in the ever-colourful Warm Ocean biome!

Learn all about the Deep Cold Ocean’s much kinder twin:

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 4,883  82  153  Download

Whether your resolution is to get better at parkour; crush your friends at mini-games; or cruise around the seas, roads and skies: start the year off right with the New Year’s Sale over at @MinecraftMarket:

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 5,185  154  219  Download

Bedrock players, ready your greenest fingers and your best scarecrow impressions, because this week’s Community Celebration gift is the Farm Life map by @PixelHeadsTeam!

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 5,136  184  179  Download

Java players, are you ready to see the Nether through a whole new set of eyes? Play as a tragically lost Strider and find your way back to warmth in the Striding Hero map by @Mitheyx – your custom-made Community Celebration gift for this week!

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 6,945  163  198  Download

Minecraft is for everyone, and that very much includes our blind community! In this latest episode of Meet a Minecrafter, join Chris to learn how sound and text-to-speech make it possible for him to hold off zombie hordes – and slay the Wither:

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