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Bob Murphy's voice will forever be the sound of summer. #LFGM #LGM #SKOL #CUSE

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Wash your hats. #LFGM #LGM

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Replying to @DarrenJMeenan: @MetsHomeRunGuy People pay good money for hats that look like that

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Tried to save it by washing it. Epic fail. RIP. 2005-2021. #LFGM #LGM

Obviously I didn't throw away this hat. Just won't be wearing it... In my washing endeavor I got some good ones. #LFGM #LGM

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@MetsHomeRunGuy People pay good money for hats that look like that

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@MetsHomeRunGuy @MetsFansUnited1 @BauerOutage All i can say is, can’t wait till we can get back to in-person contact, because Twitter is a cesspool of rigid viewpoints with no accountability

This is so spot on. I try not to contribute to this but I'm sure I do sometimes... Sorry for that. Twitter should be a dialogue not a lecture. #LFGM #LGM

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Nets nutting up tonight.

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These Miami Heat uniforms need a second thought.

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Still haven't seen one definitive tweet or screenshot...

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@MetsHomeRunGuy @BauerOutage Too many people have gotten lulled into this sense of saying stuff online about athletes/celebrities/etc they’d never say to the persons face because they feel safe behind their keyboard. If you can’t handle the heat then don’t go playing around the fire 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️


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Quoted @LO_Syracuse

Offensive ratings today vs. #16 Va Tech, per @Kenpomery

K. Richmond: 160
Q. Guerrier: 137
A. Griffin:133
M. Dolezaj: 133
J. Girard: 118
B. Boeheim: 72

100 is an average offensive day. Everyone played good-to- great today except for an off-shooting game from Buddy.

Richmond needs to start.

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Give me a screenshot please. I want to see it exactly.

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Can someone show me what @BauerOutage has done on social media to demoralize/mistreat women besides this? Seems like she went after him first, then he responded. Nothing malicious here. What people commented after that is not Bauer's fault. TB would have done the same to a man...

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Quoted @CuseMilitia

Syracuse has won their last 2 games by a total of 44 points. Coincidence? I doubt it.

For Hammer.

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Quoted @CBSSports

What's the coolest an athlete has ever looked in a photo/screenshot?

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Replying to @budcone7: @CBSSports 🤴🏻

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Trip to the vet, double ear infection for Shea 👎🏻. Doc says he'll be good as new in 7 days. #LFGM #LGM

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Cuse with a statement win today. Kids can play with anyone. 🍊🏀🔥

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Absolutely necessary win for the 🍊 today. Stepped up big time, finish it off.

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