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Your friendly neighborhood NASA Mars rover. Exploring the Red Planet since 2012. Team headquartered at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory 🚀 @NASAJPL

Gale Crater, Mars

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Like sands through the hourglass, so are the sols of our lives. Can you believe I've been here for 3,000 Martian days?

Here's a recent panorama marked by curved rock terraces, or benches. These formations aren't just scenic; they tell of ancient Mars.

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As the Sun sets on 2020, I'm thinking of everyone back on planet Earth. Here's to the next orbit, and brighter sols to come!

Save the date: @NASAPersevere lands Feb. 18, 2021. #CountdownToMars #HappyNewYear

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*Remote Micro-Imager, not Remote Microscopic Imager. The scope of this mosaic has me all a-twitter! Find out more about this versatile tool.

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Stay for the view 📸

Designed to image rocks a few meters away, I've turned the Remote Microscopic Imager in my ChemCam instrument from microscope to telescope and spied the wall of Gale Crater, 59 km away. See the massive mosaic in laser vision: #PewPew

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Look cute – and I won’t delete later.

Greetings from the Red Planet! I took another selfie as I explored a new spot dubbed “Mary Anning,” where I'm analyzing drill samples. I conducted experiments on them in my continued search for organic molecules.

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🎞 LIVE FROM @LockheedMartin: Bennu, we see you! Tune in as our @OSIRISREx spacecraft descends to the rocky surface of asteroid Bennu to attempt to scoop some space rocks from site Nightingale! Watch:

Questions? #ToBennuAndBack

Go, @OSIRISREx, go! Wishing you success #ToBennuAndBack

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On Oct. 20, @OSIRISREx is set to collect samples from asteroid Bennu. From one sample-caching mission to another, I wish you all the best.

My friends @NASAMoon and @NASAAero Tagged me. I tag fellow rover @MarsCuriosity. TAG your friends to play along. #ToBennuAndBack

I’m it! @NASAPersevere got me in an interplanetary game of tag in honor of the @OSIRISRex TAG (Touch-and-Go) maneuver taking place on Tuesday. To both sample collection missions, I wish you many happy returns!

TAG your friends and play along. I tag @NASAExoplanets.

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I ran a special experiment on Mars. Months of analysis before results, but it's a red-letter day on the Red Planet to use one of only two portions of TMAH (tetramethylammonium hydroxide) to look for new kinds of carbon-bearing molecules.

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Remember my twin MAGGIE? Now @NASAPersevere has one, too. Meet OPTIMISM and learn how this Earth-based test vehicle will help the team operate Perseverance when she reaches Mars.

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The devil's in the details. If you look closely, you can see a dust devil moving across the surface of Mars. I keep an eye out for these in an effort to understand more about weather on the Red Planet.

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Join us at 3pm ET for a #WomensEqualityDay program to celebrate the "Past, Present and Future of Women in Space," reflecting on the stories and profound contributions of @WomenNASA. How to watch:

This #WomensEqualityDay, tune in to hear from:
- Clara Ma, who won the contest that gave me my name
- Stephanie Wilson, @NASA_Astronauts
- Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, @NASAKennedy
- and moderator Dr. Christyl Johnson, @NASAGoddard

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You know how to make a rover feel loved! ♥️ Thank you all for the kind thoughts.

While I may not hum "Happy Birthday" to myself anymore (only did that once back in 2013), I *am* baking up some sweet science with my SAM instrument.

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Eight years ago today, I landed on Mars. Feels like only yestersol!

My exploration of the Red Planet continues (), while @NASAPersevere's is about to begin. She'll #CountdownToMars and land in much the same way I did.

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Like buttah! This Martian rock cut easily with the rotary mode on my drill—almost no percussion required.

The ease with which it cut and the clumpiness of the tailings means it's fine grained and potentially clay-bearing. More science to come.

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You've got MOXIE, kid. I love MOXIE. (And the rest of your instrument suite.) Congrats on the picture-perfect launch today, @NASAPersevere. I'll be here cheering you on every step of the way as you #CountdownToMars. See you in February!

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Go Atlas. Go @NASA. Go @NASAPersevere!

Liftoff expected at 7:50 a.m. ET (4:50 a.m. PT, 1150 UTC)


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Takin' Care of Business ⚡️ I'm still at the grind up here on Mars (check out ), looking forward to new friends joining this journey of exploration.

Good luck on your launch and #CountdownToMars, @NASAPersevere!

P.S. Click the like button for a surprise 🚀

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A New Hope: One more robot is on the way to Mars! Best wishes the @HopeMarsMission on the successful launch today. Enjoy the cruise, and I'll see you soon.

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Happy 80th, Ringo! Here's my view of Earth (and Venus) from the surface of Mars where I'm thinking about your message of #PeaceAndLove, and how in good times and in tough ones, we all get by with a little help from our friends.

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