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Bevis Da-future ( @KumaterTerhemen ) Twitter Profile


Bevis Da-future

hip hop artist

Los Angeles, CA

Joined on 21 March, 2020

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Since 3rd of march my Spotify isn't working if am tryna use on WiFi

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Game changer

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Nobody can switch up voices on beats like Roddy ricch
He can flow on any beat
Can youngboy do that?

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Replying to @NichezC: Like for Samsung Galaxy S21
Retweet for iPhone 13

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Like for Samsung Galaxy S21
Retweet for iPhone 13

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I stand down my feets to declare Christ is the king.
He will heal me
I am 100% sure

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15. -Under whose auspices is elephant polo in Nepal played?
#BetwaySpecialTrivia @BetwayNigeria

Elephant polo association

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14. For what club did Leo Messi play for in his youth career, 1995-2000?
#BetwaySpecialTrivia @BetwayNigeria

FC Barcelona

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13. -What is the motto for the 2018 Winter Olympics?
  #BetwaySpecialTrivia @BetwayNigeria

Passion, connected.
Please, it my turn now

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12. -What club did retired footballer Zinedine Zidane play for during the 1997-98 season?
#BetwaySpecialTrivia @BetwayNigeria

France national team

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1 Peter 5:7
Casting your anxiety unto him, he cares for you. #scripturechallenge

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Replying to @Heyjerey: Like for Laycon RT for nasty c

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Like for Laycon RT for nasty c

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Quoted @greenaugustus12

A date with Me or 10k?

It must be doogy ooo
Or I will carry my 10k

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Kidd wear panties and people insult him of having small preek.
No woman have ever come out to to insult his preek ooo.

So Elon musk l olosho l Jeff bezos l Tesla l Lucy l iconic are trending.

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If I didn't love big boy Kidd na u sabi.
Kidd run in my DNA

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My younger brother's birthday is today.
5th of January

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I be texting my ex's to see if I can get one back.
This 2021 needs reconciliation.

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