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Among the 20 QBs to start multiple Super Bowls, only Joe Montana (127.8) has a higher passer rating than Jim Plunkett's 122.8 for #Raiders. Here's how they all fair:

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@JoshDubowAP Proof that we used to have Linebackers capable of intercepting the ball....🏈

You don't need to go back that far to find #Raiders LBs who could intercept passes. Thomas Howard had 6 and Kirk Morrison 4 in 2007. The 10 INTs for LBs is tied for the most for any team in the past 40 seasons

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Quoted @JaredNovak11

@JoshDubowAP You can have all the DB's you want it doesn't mean jack squat if you can't get to the QB. This team needs pass rushers badly.

True. But if you don't have good DBs, receivers will get open before pass rushers can get to the QB so you need both

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@JoshDubowAP It's kind of sad as well how Carr has almost as many GW drives compared to Rodgers and Aaron has had 6 year head start over Carr and some Raider fans want Carr gone meanwhile some Packer fans are calling Rodgers the GOAT. Wild.

Yes, Rodgers has only 1 more GW drive than Carr despite a 6-year head start as starter. But they also both have the same number of losses (63) even though Rodgers has 80 more starts. He doesn't get opportunities as often

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@JoshDubowAP But can we start with linebackers though?

#Raiders spent on linebackers last year and both guys are coming back. Not sure they can spend on a 3rd LB

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Another #Raiders offseason poll. If Raiders have money to sign one big-ticket free agent, what position should they target:

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@RossTuckerNFL @Murf_NFL Wonder what @JoshDubowAP thinks about this? Maybe he will try and find a Derek Carr stat that is worse... though he has a ton of 4th quarter comebacks...

The #Raiders are 3-37 in Carr's career against teams that when trailing at any time in the 4th quarter against a team that made the playoffs. So that is better than Rodgers. Congrats!

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Quoted @ScottKacsmar

Patrick Mahomes - Highest Bad Throw% in his career
1. 2018 AFC-CG vs. NE - 31.0%
2. 2019 vs. OAK - 29.6%
3. 2020 vs. NE - 28.6%
4. 2018 at NE - 27.8%

I'd make a Brady GOAT defender joke here if the 2019 game made it, but this looks like a Belichick appreciation stat.

Paul Guenther and Bill Belichick. The two best at scheming vs Mahomes.

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Quoted @Raiders

We have signed WR Keelan Doss to a Reserve/Future contract.

What a great story ...

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Replying to @steffdaz: WASHINGTON (@AP) — White House: US expects to deliver enough vaccine to states this summer for 2-dose regimen for 300M Americ…

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Best winning percentage since 2000 (playoffs included) for QBs after falling behind by 9+ points in a game (only including QBs w/ more than 10 starts when falling behind by 9+):
Patrick Mahomes: 10-6 (.625)
Tim Tebow: 5-6 (.455)
Tom Brady: 38-56 (.404)

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WASHINGTON (@AP) — White House: US expects to deliver enough vaccine to states this summer for 2-dose regimen for 300M Americans.

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164 out of 687 players (23.9%) who have won a Super Bowl ring since 2001 season did so as Tom Brady's teammate

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@JoshDubowAP Hey Josh, just wondering besides @JOEL9ONE how many players have won a Super Bowl as TB12's teammate, and then won a Super Bowl against him?

LeGarrette Blount also did it (2014 and 16 with Patriots and 2017 against them). Jason Pierre-Paul can join that list w/ a win having beaten Pats in 2011. Don't see anyone else

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218 players have appeared in a Super Bowl as Tom Brady's teammate, led by Stephen Gostkowski with 6 appearances. Rob Gronkowski will join Matt Light, Devin McCourty, Patrick Chung and Matthew Slater w/ 5

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Replying to @ScottKacsmar: Since 2018

Patrick Mahomes is 21-4 (.840) when the #Chiefs don't score first in a game.

Rest of NFL: 291-482-4 (.377)

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Since 2018

Patrick Mahomes is 21-4 (.840) when the #Chiefs don't score first in a game.

Rest of NFL: 291-482-4 (.377)

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Quoted @BulimicW

@vicvTV @JoshDubowAP Actually I was thinking he got in when Marcus got it. How the hell did they vote plunkett over the guy with 3 picks?

Maybe because Plunkett threw 3 TD passes and set a record for highest passer rating in a Super Bowl?

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Quoted @PFF_Raiders

I'm a little late but here is today's mock draft Monday. Moehrig may be a tiny reach but we NEED a safety.

I wonder how drafting Obi’s younger brother would go over with #Raiders fans

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Quoted @jarrhead27

@JoshDubowAP Shit dude I wish we had a defense that did that

Well the #Raiders do have 2 more 3 INT games (4 vs Denver in 2020, 3 vs Chargers in 2019) than they have 145+ rating games in past seven years

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Quoted @MookieShep

@JoshDubowAP Who was the first SBMVP matchup?

Eli Manning vs Tom Brady in Super Bowl 46

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