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London 2012 Heptathlon Champion, Adidas-sponsored athlete and brains behind Jennis Fitness and Jennis Pregnancy...


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We can’t seem to get through a single Zoom call in this house without calls of ‘I’m hungry!’ or ‘Can I have a snack?!’☺️ @YeoValley have some great Little Yeos pouches which are the perfect lockdown snack for the kids. #Ad #littleyeos #yogurtpouches #organicyogurt #yeovalley

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We will all miss you Lloyd!

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Absolutely gutted & so sad to read the news about Lloyd Cowan.I have so many great memories of spending time with Lloyd on training camps & at champs.He always believed in me and gave me some great advice &coaching tips along the way in the hurdles. Pure passion in what he did!

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Weekend Nachos are a family favourite in our house.They’re fun for the kids, quick, easy & a healthy treat!We’ve been topping our nachos with a dollop of Yeo Valley Super Thick yogurt which is creamy & delicious! Winner! #Ad #YeoValleySuperThick #OrganicYogurt #YeoValley

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Fancy a new challenge for 2021? Then I’ve created a new 30-day full-body challenge with a difference. This gives complete body benefits by blending strength, HIIT, yoga, runs, recovery and more. Programming and progression is key! Read all about it

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Really excited to share my new 30-day fitness challenge! This features a mix of disciplines (HIIT, yoga, running and LISS), plus mobility and recovery built-in. It’s not easy, but it will give you fitness, strength + flexibility, so it’s the full package

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Quoted @CaptainTobias9

I’m honoured...and chuffed to bits!! 🤩🤩🤩

You absolutely deserved it! Massive congratulations! Hope you had a fantastic evening 🏆☺️

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Quoted @captaintommoore

Truly honoured to receive this magnificent award thank you @BBCSport #SPOTY @J_Ennis

It was absolutely my honour to present you with this award! Congratulations!

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I love these Yeo pouches, they’re a perfect snack when I’m out & about with the kids.Full of organic goodness & with tasty fruit puree, they’re quick & easy giving just the right nutritious boost for our active days out. #Ad #Partnership #LittleYeos #YogurtPouches #OrganicYogurt

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Over at Jennis, we just launched the #HowJennisFeels fitness sessions in the app where you match your mood to your workout. While there may be some uncertainty in the air, one thing we do know is when it comes to your mood, exercise can help.

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Replying to @SportSJA: @J_Ennis Here is small section of @rosenthal_jim's interview with @J_Ennis.

#BritishSportsAwards #S

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Quoted @SportSJA

The @SportSJA greatest ever British sportswoman is @J_Ennis

The full interview is live on

#BritishSportsAwards #SJA2020

Such an absolute honour to receive this award! Blown away really! Thank you so much ☺️

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Ever tried LISS to get your cardio gains in? These sessions on the Jennis app give you steady state results, but without the impact of a run. Here's everything you need to know...

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Smoothies are a great way to add extra fruit & veg into your diet quickly & without any fuss. I love trying out new ingredients & adding Yeo Valley Super Thick Kerned yogurt makes it creamy and thick.

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Great campaign @davidrichards and @SheffieldStar! Companies can donate unwanted computers to @laptopsforkids and help young people keep up with their homework. Too many children are falling behind because they cannot get online at home.

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We spoke to our new Jennis yoga ambassador @LinaFJNielsen about how yoga can transform your running times, improve recovery, prevent injuries, and much more - click the link to learn more

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Quoted @thesundaytimes

Winner of The Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year Award: @HollieDoyle1 🏆. Presented by @J_Ennis #SWOTY

Incredible woman! Breaking records all over the place 👏🏽 🏆 an honour to present @HollieDoyle1 her award!

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Over on Jennis our new yoga ambassador @LinaFJNielsen talks about the benefits of yoga for running - click through to read the full article

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I spoke to @SheerLuxe about my food and fitness routine and what an average day-in-the-life looks like for me. Click on the link to read the full interview

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