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Sports, Beer, Political Science, Movies, Doctorate in Simpsons Trivia, Saving Pangolins & Manatees he/him/his #BeerIsMyLife #SKOL #GOHUSKIESWOOOOO #KHive

Minneapolis, MN

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Watching “Flash Gordon” tonight, what’s next for tomorrow?

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What movie traumatized you as a kid?

Every year, the answer is always the same!

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I wrote about how politicians use cute animals to manipulate public opinion and make themselves seem more human

No one asked for this take!

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Without naming where it is, what is your city famous for?

Purple Rain

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Little behind on my movies (thanks to an out of whack sleep schdule) that I pledged to watch after you all have chosen: Brazil (tonight) & Conan the Barbarian (tomorrow). After I watch Conan, what should be next? *-Never Seen

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Men need to be stopped at all costs

No...this isn’t a can’t be a thing...please let it not be a thing?!!! **Sigh** I hate everything!!! 🤦🏻

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Age yourself with a store.

I'll go first: Waldenbooks.

K•B Toys

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As a Minnesotan, I can’t unsee this now

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Watching the NewsRadio Ep where Matthew pronounces Joey’s last name “ButtaFucko”! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Without naming the movie, what's a quote from your favorite comedy?

Baby Fish Mouth!!! Baby Fish Mouth!!!

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Parler incites violence.

Tell me again how I’m supposed to “unite” with these people, who want to butcher my entire family over policy differences?!!! #FuckOffWithYourFakeAssUnity

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Still my favorite meme from the renaissance of memes that were birthed on that glorious Friday evening!!!

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BOOM: US House Speaker announces Members who bypass the new metal detector near House Chamber will pay $5,000 fine. ($10,000 for second offense)

GOP: Screw Your Metal Detector Rules!
Speaker Pelosi:

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Dear Clintons,

You know what's deplorable?

Being Impeached!!!


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She passed away on Dec 29, but they announced it today?!!! WTF is going on with 2021?!!! 😞😞😞

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Not gonna happen, but here's the pitch I'd make:

Texans give:

• Deshaun Watson

Vikings give:

• Kirk Cousins
• Danielle Hunter
• 2021 Pick 14
• 2021 Pick 93

Texans get an above average QB, a young franchise cornerstone pass rusher & some picks to build around.

No way do I make this trade if I’m the Vikings! Watson isn’t that much better than Kirk, plus giving up one of the best DE in the game, along with a low-middle 1st Rounder & and 3rd Rd pick. Even the Jags GM from the movie “Draft Day” doesn’t make this trade! #Skol

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Devin Nunes: Look, the President makes a lot of mistakes. All presidents make mistakes...

No Devin, showing up at Four Seasons Total Landscaping thinking it was the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia was a mistake! This was sedition, treason, a call for violence by the President of the United States!

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@emrazz They’re Human Leaguing her:

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