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Formed by @KobeBryant, #GranityStudios is an award winning multimedia original content company focused on creating new ways to tell stories around sports

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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2021! #GranityStudios

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In 2021, we hope that you harness this inner magic to become the best version of yourself. #GranityStudios

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Thanks to @TheAffinityMag for the glowing review! #EPOCA: The River of Sand highlights the positive force that can be found in times of adversity and the importance of looking inside yourself to find where your #GRANA can shine!

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From our family at #GranityStudios to yours, Happy Holidays!

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So excited to announce that #EPOCA: The River of Sand was included in Book Authority’s list of the best magic books of all time! We are grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response to our latest novel and wishing you all the happiest of holidays. #GranityStudios

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Thank you all for the ongoing support of #EPOCA: The River of Sand - we are honored to have our work recognized. We hope this story ignites the imagination of young athletes to harness their inner #GRANA and the greatness that lies within. #GranityStudios

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We’re thrilled to have received this amazing review from @Kirkus_Reviews!

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Join us on our IG LIVE today at 4pm PT / 7pm ET! You don’t want to miss this fun read-a-loud with @BooksNBros and then author (Ivy Claire) hopping on to discuss how #EPOCA: The River of Sand came to be. We’re excited to see you later for this riveting and engaging conversation!

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He believed in the beauty of the process, the positive force that comes from inner magic, and the magnificence in achieving the impossible. This highly anticipated sequel is OUT TODAY. Click the link in our bio to order. #GranityStudios

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Introducing #EPOCA: The River of Sand, a magical novel about self-discovery that encourages youth to find their larger purpose by following their dreams. In everything Kobe built, he was driven to teach the next generation how to reach their full potential.

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Join us this Thursday, December 17th at 4pm PT | 7pm ET to discuss the creative process, key themes found in #EPOCA: The River of Sand, and the importance of diversity in storytelling! #GranityStudios

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We’re excited to chat with @BooksNBros as @ladymissivy dives deeper into her collaboration with Kobe Bryant.

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Replying to @usatf: Thank you to @Granity for congratulating each #JOXC age group winner with a set of the track & field-focused #EPOCA series books…

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Thank you to @Granity for congratulating each #JOXC age group winner with a set of the track & field-focused #EPOCA series books, including the new sequel THE RIVER OF SAND! It’s available wherever books are sold.

Learn more:

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It’s an enchanting tale about two young track-and-field athletes, Pretia and Rovi, who are eager to become victorious in the upcoming Junior Epic Games. Click the link in our bio to learn more! #GranityStudios #RoyalDragonflyAward

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We’re happy to announce #GeeseAreNeverSwans tied for first place in the Young Adult category in the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards. The journey continues with our next novel, #EPOCA: The River of Sand, out this Tuesday!

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It’s out on December 15th, but click the link in our bio to order. #GranityStudios

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Only SIX DAYS left until the release of our highly anticipated sequel, #EPOCA: The River of Sand! The journey continues and we are excited for you all to come along.

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It’s available on December 15th, but click the link in our bio to get a head start on the race to EPOCA! #GranityStudios

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Our upcoming novel #EPOCA: The River of Sand empowers the next generation to follow their dreams to serve a larger purpose. Watch as author Ivy Claire discusses the novel, @KobeBryant, and the importance of diversity and representation in storytelling.

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