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The fact that theres ppl younger than my brother and that online I'm probably friends with ppl younger than my brother is so hilarious to me

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why is tl talking about tubbo pregnant I was gone from the stream for five minutes wtf

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I got a haircut

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I'm getting a haircut later today

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Been reading random manga for the last hour but I need to sleep now cuz I need to wake up tomorrow so gnight besties

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just remembered a bunch of ocs I made from a dream I had last summer I gotta continue that I have Ideas. but first I need to think of 1 name and 3 superpowers

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do I just toss it on the stove then or something

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so apparently I have microwavable popcorn now??? I dont have a microwave???

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its time to start the beetwt hoodie art,,, finally y'all finally

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Blood vines and stuff #eggpire #badboyhalofanart

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know considering when all my mutuals are awake, I think I chose a bad time to post ima do it again in a few hours

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So close to done with the drawing soooo close

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Quoted @FawnstarWC

Yoooooo Team Rocket #jackmanifoldfanart #nihachufanart

Is this called #rockettwt now lol

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now I wanna draw them in the hoodies but im still working on that bbh drawing,,, might cut out a couple details I was thinking of adding in (by details I mean cat antfrost)

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any of yall have a favorite anime mine's fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

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the fact that i literally only have 80 sapnap channel points lol

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Replying to @FawnstarWC: I wanna try playing gartic phone sometime it looks fun

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im nowhere near done with my bbh drawing yet hhh pls I gotta go faster I wanna make beetwt art

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I wanna try playing gartic phone sometime it looks fun

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