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Variety, IRL, and WoW streamer.

Founder of @OTKNetwork

POB 3458, Cedar Park, TX 78630

Joined on 5 October, 2011

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I miss conventions so much, TwitchCon 2019... Bogg and Ali IRL @pokelawls

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I was having PC Problems, live now! Got an announcement today too

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Replying to @OTKnetwork: Cornwood ditched his life of fighting crime to join the Free Agency 🤠🏈 @EsfandTV

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Cornwood ditched his life of fighting crime to join the Free Agency 🤠🏈 @EsfandTV

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Quoted @vanya_3D

Aight done @EsfandTV


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I would gladly play TBC Prepatch in Classic WoW for 2-3 months, it's such a unique experience with it's own meta that we're not really going to get again and I really want to enjoy it

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Corona Day 10, feeling better this morning so far. Doctor said it’s typically 10 days then +24 hours after my fever ends until I’m cleared, and I haven’t had a fever for about 5 days now.

I might do a post corona workout stream in a few days... for science. Depends on back pain

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I love the GTARP streams, and wanna stream late night more because I want to do more in this timeslot, but I don't know how much longer it's gonna last/if it's worth flipping up my schedule (once I feel better) and then flipping back.

Anyways, WoW Classic Raid night tomorrow!

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Also Texas sized belt buckle... we can work out the details

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I'm looking to hire someone who can take this model for GTARP and give him a police uniform. Needs Moustache, Big Cowboy Hat, and Aviators... Cornwood may be getting ready to come out of retirement

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I’m going live now gonna do some GTARP.. thinking about learning 70 star for Mario March madness too

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Replying to @esfandOkay: Daily esfandOkay @EsfandTV

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Daily esfandOkay @EsfandTV

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I'm almost positive I aggravated a disc in a coughing fit, some ppl have been messaging me saying maybe I got pneumonia but pain when breathing is in my back, not lungs, and it's in a disc/area I've had issues with in the past.

Breathing has stopped getting worse, I'll be fine!

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Covid Day 9

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Someone took my name, so just so people know this is my character on Endless TBC Windrunner

...Also, if you would like to send me any low level gear or anything you're going to vendor anyway I will gladly accept in the mail :)

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Hey in case it wasn't apparent, we're skipping February's PO Box because of me getting sick and we'll probably pick PO Box back up in March in 10-14 days. If you would like to send something to my PO Box to open on stream, send it to:

P.O. Box 3458
Cedar Park TX, 78630

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Replying to @esfandOkay: Daily esfandOkay @EsfandTV

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Daily esfandOkay @EsfandTV

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I’m going to take today off. Breathing has been the worst it’s been so far, and I have no idea how, but I think I aggravated a disc in my upper back/neck and it hurts every time I breathe or turn my head down. I have absolutely no idea how I tweaked it, maybe in sleep?

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Replying to @esfandOkay: Daily esfandOkay @EsfandTV

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should my tinder say I’m verified in twitter

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Daily esfandOkay @EsfandTV

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