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Today's maintenance and downtime is still ongoing. Please visit this thread for the latest information:

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[ALERT] All servers will come down for extended maintenance this Wednesday, January 20, at 6AM PT. Downtime is expected to last 6 hours. Details:

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Halls of Power Part I:

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Anniversary celebrations continue alongside the DCUO #10thAnniversary Episode Bracket!

It's the New Gods of Episode 11: Halls of Power Part I vs. the Council of Wonder Women of Episode 38: Wonderverse.

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Thank you @Xbox heroes and villains as we celebrate DCUO's anniversary. Claim $50+ in FREE player gifts and play the updated anniversary event!

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Replying to @GameOverGreggy: It's @DCUO's 10th anniversary. Wow.

I make a living talking games, and that often means, I dip into nostalgia and tell…

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It's @DCUO's 10th anniversary. Wow.

I make a living talking games, and that often means, I dip into nostalgia and tell you old stories about Metal Gear Solid and Death and Return of Superman.

However, there's been no modern game that's meant more to me than DCUO.

A thread...

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10 years of fighting alongside @DCComics most iconic heroes, saving the world, and standing together.

Thank YOU for joining us on this wild adventure. #DCUO #10thAnniversary

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Happy #10thAnniversary, heroes and villains, and here's to the next 10 years! Celebrate with FREE GIFTS, new raids, and more.

Producer's Letter:

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[ALERT] The US PS/PC server is offline currently as we complete this morning's daily restart. We apologize for the delay.

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Amazon Fury Part III:

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Round 3 of the DCUO #10thAnniversary Episode Bracket kicks off today with War of the Light Part II vs. Amazon Fury Part III!

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War of the Light Part II:

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Face the Kraken in the new event and elite raid in the DCUO #10thAnniversary Event!

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#ICYMI Today's hotfix added new Face Mods to #LongLiveTheLegion world bosses and Quintile Crystals to the episode vendor.

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We are working to resolve the reported lag and connection issues many are experiencing. The issue is external and not game related.

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New event raid and end-game ELITE raid blast into this year's #10thAnniversary Event: Attack of the Anti-Monitor! Plus, momentous new rewards.

Play Now:

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All worlds will be taken offline at 5:30AM PT on January 7, 2021, to launch the Attack of the Anti-Monitor 10th Anniversary Event. Downtime may last up to 8 hours.

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Earth 3:

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