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Welcome to my Twitter HQ. Name's SCGCrew, but you can call me S. I'm mostly confused about what's trending on my sidebar. PFP by @Angel0Darkness and @BenJoJoGV.

My Personal HQ, or my Discord.

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Quoted @emoboyfucker69

for the love of god don’t make artwork like this because the idea of “split/double/multiple personalities, and one of them is evil” is extremely harmful to those with did/osdd. it stigmatizes these disorders and this trope has been commonly used to demonize people w did/osdd.

Um... can anyone explain pls? I don't understand this at all...

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I... I don’t want to talk about today. I’m taking a mental health break, I can’t believe this is actually happening.

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Damn, what even is this day? First, rumors of Dream dying in Hardcore and a full hashtag, then dear old Twitter Captions Guy coming and setting the record straight, with another hashtag by angry people, and finally #weloveyoudream bc he probably had enough today.

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Quoted @KirbyEarthbound

This is the LAST DAY POSSIBLE you can retweet this

Rest in Peace, Flash... It is not 2021 here in the West Coast yet, so you still have some time left. Thank you for all the memories you gave us back then, up until now.

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Replying to @ProgressBar202_: 2020 is 100% complete! Thank you for following, and have a nice 2021!

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Quoted @ProgressBar202_

2020 is 100% complete! Thank you for following, and have a nice 2021!


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#ThankYouTwitterDescriptionGuy legitimately, thank you for putting up with whatever shit we get to trend. From #HePooped to #ITrustMyDream, you've been there. You should get a raise for whatever you have to put up from us.

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All I see of Zeus trending is the thunderstorm hitting Cali (which, let me say, is not normal. California has rainy days, yes, but not all of them are thunderstorms this intense) and fricking K-Pop... what?

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Replying to @ProgressBar202_: 2020 is 99% complete.

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Quoted @ProgressBar202_

2020 is 99% complete.

Yesss, sooo close!!!

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Reason I’m up late at night it cuz a Discord server had a drunk guy and some of us went and kept him alive until he passed out. Kept myself busy by drawing whatever was on my mind.

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Got a new drawing tablet for Christmas. Tested it out earlier, might post the pics from it but no promises. If I were to, they’d be really bad.

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Merry Christmas you guys!

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Quoted @RealSWOfficial

This is a threat

This is a threat.

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Replying to @Angel0Darkness: also these two as well-
197 and 137 (dunno how I forgot about 137 whoops)

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#NewProfilePic Thanks to @Angel0Darkness and @BenjojoGV for the original photo.

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Quoted @Angel0Darkness

also these two as well-
197 and 137 (dunno how I forgot about 137 whoops)

*accidentally spits water out* Aaaaa Jeezimus Prime, I forgot about this!! Thanks @Angel0Darkness!!

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That Meta Runner ending had me shaking... Lucinia and Tari finally have a conversation, 6th grade me is happy that my theory was partially correct, the end of the credits and... the grand finale:

I have an announcement to make:


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Quoted @hulknaps

Brazil fucking rules actually

Ummm, what?? Ey @smg4official, wanna turn this into a video for Christmas?

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Replying to @CATGlRLlSM:

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