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Where da money reside?! #justakidfromcompton

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Just posted a photo

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Last week, my mom and I met with my @NM_News Financial Advisor, Mark. Kick off the new year strong and start or revisit your financial plan. What are your goals and how are you planning to get there? To get started, visit   #ad

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This made me smile out loud this morning. I’m clapping my hands, I hope you are too! Thanks @djquik #justakidfromcompton @ Compton Calfornia

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Y’all sure y’all ready for this? #justakidfromcompton

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Whose pastor is this and what church does he minister? I wanna go! #justakidfromcompton

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Take Dat! Take Dat! Take Dat! Ba-by Baa-by! #justakidfromcompton

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I’m dying over here! @imarkkeyz you are a fool for this one! #justakidfromcompton

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All I have to say is get out and vote! #justakidfromcompton

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2020 made us all realize the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. My advice as we head into 2021: get a financial plan in place! This new year I’m working with Northwestern Mutual (@NM_News) to share the power of financial planning #partner

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Born and Bread. Reppin’ the C-P-T til the day I D-I-E! #justakidfromcompton #hubcity #compton #cpt @ Compton, California

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I got mine you got yours? #justakidfromcompton

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Who else feeling this?! #justakidfromcompton

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There’s something beautiful, majestic and powerful about Mother Nature. She ain’t to be played with! #justakidfromcompton

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I joined cameo.

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Now let that sink in! #justakidfromcompton

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