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Healthcare project manager by day; coach-in-training by night. A creative thinking partner who has the Desire to help people achieve their Dreams. MCMI (He/Him)

Norfolk, UK

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Quoted @business

BREAKING: President Donald Trump said he’ll give up power if the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden in December

Need the electoral colleges to put out at 00:01 on 1st December a statement confirming Joe Biden to get the ball rolling 😂

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Stumbled across a Disney playlist on #Spotify whilst I was writing up my papers today, so travelled down memory lane to reminisce of my childhood whilst I complete my paperwork. 🥰

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Replying to @trishgreenhalgh: I'm not visiting my mum over Christmas (and she's not visiting me) because I don't want to be responsible - directly o…

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I'm not visiting my mum over Christmas (and she's not visiting me) because I don't want to be responsible - directly or indirectly - for passing on an infection that would have a high chance of killing her.

The pandemic is more serious now than when we took it more seriously.

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Quoted @CloranJoe

PSA: Just because Johnson is 'allowing' the formation of big infectious xmas bubbles doesn't mean you actually have to have them.

What he says!

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A very exciting parcel just got delivered to help me along my journey in the next chapter of growth & exploration! 🌱

Thank you to @coachingacademy I’m so energised to get stuck in.

Looks like there’s some reading to be done this evening! 🤓

#coach #growth #FridayFeeling

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Happiness is being present in what you are doing, being wholly committed in yourself to you’re current activity.

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Phenomenal discussion about choice theory and child cognitive development.

Both of them are such authentic individuals, an amazing discussion about #vulnerability and #power

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Wow, an evening on the sofa absorbing the video of @rustyrockets & @BreneBrown and it’s just speaking to my soul.

Compassion, vulnerability, love, service, and gratitude.

“If they are trying their best, I would have to stop being angry and start grieving the loss of [someone]”

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Quoted @dumpstxrfire

Thread of NON-ALCOHOLIC beverages to serve your recovering friends and family:

Just putting this out there. Alcohol free beverages in the lead up to the holiday season.

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No rest for the Wicked!

Another day of the weekend & more webinars scheduled to chase down that dream.

Made *all* the better by a fresh delivery of coffee yesterday!

It doesn’t feel like work when it’s lit a fire in your soul! #sundaymornings #coachinglife #chaseyourdreams

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Excited, motivated, curious, energised!
A wonderful webinar introducing me and paving the way into the next chapter of my journey!! 🌱 starting to follow my own path at last and I have to say I’m totally pumped! ✌🏼
#personalgrowth #coaching #SaturdayMotivation

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Here we go with Saturday’s plans. New course, coffee, and a zoom webinar. Finally taking the plunge and starting to chase down the dream. Starting to do something that I want to do.

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I feel much better for muting “trump” and “Cummings” from my Twitter feed.

Feel that it’s going to become a lot more positive place now their bile isn’t going to be shown on it!

Doing it for my #wellbeing and all round better positivity.

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Spotify, spreadsheets, and Starbucks. Friday’s aren’t so bad. ✌🏼 #FridayFeeling

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Quoted @sciencecohen

Terrific, fascinating and alarming story by @kakape about the first cases of leprosy found in chimps. Source unclear, but probably not humans. And even in humans, source is unclear.

Very interesting (and sad) article about the discovery of leprosy in wild chimps. With a high probability that the source was *not* humans.

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Thank you @NHSConfed all panelist’s & speakers. Today has been a great day of learning & listening, & probably most importantly inspiring. I return to GP-land tomorrow with a fire in my soul, knowing that we are not a lone ship adrift in a stormy ocean #PCNconference @NikkiKF

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Fantastic end to the @NHSConfed #PCNconference looking forward to the expert panel wrapping up the day.

Time for an expert whirlwind tour of PCN’s, relationships, ARRS, managers, and collaboration with @NikkiKF and fantastic panel!

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Quoted @LBC

Extinction Rebellion has put a climate change banner and a wreath on the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day.

Remembrance should never be used as a tool to further any agenda!

The wreath should be removed as it desecrates the meaning behind memorial and remembrance.

Never use those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to further your political agenda!

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Really interesting thoughts & approaches to collaborative working & team building being discussed at the @NHSConfed #PCNconference reassuring to know that we’re not a lone ship in the stormy ocean of primary care.
Notes & ideas being scrawled furiously hence the radio silence!

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Quoted @NHSConfed

The 4 rules of community engagement, according to our chair @voa1234

1⃣ Listen
2⃣ At best, outcomes designed by people receiving engagement. At worst, outcomes co-produced
3⃣ A visible, measurable transfer of power
4⃣ New service has to be understandable


An inspiring key note from @Voa1234 that has lit a fire inside for improving community engagement and outreach, and addressing inequalities in access to care AND access to healthcare jobs. #PCNconference

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