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Woodcutters in Gaza are looking for work as the population climbs and trees disappear in the blockaded Palestinian territory. One of them says jobs are increasingly rare, and so are green spaces.

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In Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu’s top challenger in elections is promising a tough line toward Iran and the Palestinians. Yet Gideon Saar tells @AP he's confident he has the tools to avoid what could be a collision course with the Biden administration.

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A dam that transformed a nation: Egyptians mark 50 years since the inauguration of the Aswan High Dam on the Nile River, a massive feat of construction that shaped the course of modern-day Egypt. By @sammymagdy.

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Lebanon lockdown: Authorities have begun enforcing an 11-day nationwide shutdown and round-the-clock curfew hoping to limit the spread of coronavirus infections spinning out of control after the holiday period. By @zkaram.

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A boon in the age of coronavirus: Growing numbers of Iraqi women are starting their own businesses from home, using social media services to by-pass some of the discrimination that often comes with working in the male-dominated, conservative society.

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The Israeli human rights group B’Tselem has started using the term "apartheid" to describe both Israel and its control of the Palestinian territories — an explosive, long taboo term that Israel's government vehemently rejects. By @josephkrauss.

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Lebanon to impose 11-day round the clock curfew, hoping to curb a dramatic surge in coronavirus infections as hospitals run out of beds. The spike in cases has exhausted a health care sector already battered by an unprecedented economic crisis.

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From loyal supporter to greatest challenger: Gideon Saar, a politically savvy Likud break-away, has emerged as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s top rival in the upcoming March elections.
By @tgoldenberg.

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Emerging Unscathed: This week, a 3 ½-year boycott of Qatar by its Gulf Arab neighbors was suddenly lifted. The small but influential U.S. ally does not appear to have made any major concessions, showing how little the campaign achieved. By @ayaelb.

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Unresolved: A year after Iran’s military mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian jetliner with two surface-to-air missiles, killing 176 people, more questions than answers remain about the disaster. By @IsabelDeBre.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has placed his world-leading coronavirus vaccination drive at the center of his March re-election campaign, apparently seeking to distract voters from his corruption trial and economic woes. By @joseffederman.

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Distrust runs deep as Afghan negotiators and the Taliban are to resume peace talks in Qatar aimed at finding an end to decades of war. The talks come against a backdrop of surging violence that has each side blaming the other. By @Kathygannon.

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Tens of thousands of Israelis flocked to the United Arab Emirates in December after the two countries normalized ties. A recent Israeli virus lockdown has cooled the travel fever, but only temporarily. By @IsabelDeBre.

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"Ecstatic to be home": After 30 years in U.S. prison, convicted spy Jonathan Pollard lands in Israel and kisses the ground after disembarking from the plane. On the tarmac, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered a warm welcome. By @joseffederman.

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Packing up: Israeli records show the US sold its ambassador's residence near Tel Aviv for more than $67 million in July, shining new light on a deal that has been shrouded in secrecy. The buyer was reportedly Trump backer Sheldon Adelson.

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Sidelining Hate: The owner of Beitar Jerusalem, the only major Israeli soccer club never to have signed an Arab player, says he and his new Emirati partner are determined to remove the stain of racism from the team and shun its most rabid anti-Arab fans.

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“How can you release those who have blood on their hands?”

The brother of one of the Iraqi victims killed by four private security contractors pardoned this week by President Trump questions the fairness of the decision.

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In Sinjar, the northern Iraqi town brutalized by the Islamic State group, the government has deployed troops for the first time in years, testing its power as it tries to wrestle control from a tangled web of paramilitaries. By @samya_kullab

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In Sinjar, the northern Iraqi town brutalized by the Islamic State group, the government has deployed for the first time in years, testing its power as it tries to wrestle control from a tangled web of paramilitaries. By @samya_kullab

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