The return of The @ResidentFox sees the staff at Chastain Memorial facing the COVID pandemic head on. But Matt Czuchry, who plays Dr. Conrad Hawkins, says they won't be in the middle of the crisis all season.

Full story by @FforFox:

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@APEntertainment @AP @ResidentFOX @FforFox Excellent handling of the pandemic and satisfying our love for Conrad and Nic

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'Een indrukwekkende stap in een tijdmachine met een overdaad aan speculaties' ★★★✩ #recensie #OneNightInMiami @ReginaKing @kingsleybenadir @AldisHodge @leslieodomjr #CassiusClay #MalcolmX #JimBrown #SamCooke @amazon @primevideonl @HamptonByHilton -

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@staceyabrams @ReginaKing @kingsleybenadir @AldisHodge @TheRealEliGoree @leslieodomjr The execution of #DustinHiggs as #OneNightinMiami has its debut underscores the violent, tragic, early deaths of #Malcolm and #SamCooke and is a reminder of how far we still have to go as a country.

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Satu malam "aneh" dari 4 tokoh yang terkenal ini diawalin sama pengenalan karakternya yang singkat tapi on point. Berlanjut "ngobrol" yang cukup lama di kamar hotel murah. Dan diakhiri dengan "cantik" atas "hasil" dari obrolan mereka berempat sebelumnya. Goks!

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One Night In Miami came to Amazon Prime yesterday. If you've seen it, what did you think?

Let us know and we will read your comments out on our next episode.

#OneNightInMiami #FilmTwitter

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Beautiful Black men embody the gifts and talents of the men they portrayed. Just yes!


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