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 3 days ago

The 13th Finance Commission during UPA-II gave Rs 94,000 crore to Tamil Nadu. The 14th Finance Commission under PM Modi gave the state an astronomical Rs 5.42 lakh crore for development.

- Shri @JPNadda


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@BJP4India @JPNadda महोदय कब पूछताछ है शिक्षामित्र

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@BJP4India @JPNadda Almost six times allocation of funds by the 14th Finance Commission compared to what was given by the 13th FC,Tamilnadu is poised for a vertical take off provided the money is effectively utilised.

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 3 days ago

@BJP4India @JPNadda give their share of GST collection as promised.

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@BJP4India @JPNadda My Dear Friends, brothers and Sisters please send one Email

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Bonjour @OL_English, merci pour Tanguy. #COYS #SHUTOT

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What a goal N’Dombele, take a bow son... 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


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Could only find the replay in Spanish. Doesn’t matter. Absolutely mind-boggling and beautiful in any language! #COYS

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Harry would pull the trigger from his own 18 yard box. #coys #thfc #SHUTOT

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Após lesão da nossa 10, Skinner é forçada a mexer no time. Get well soon, @rach_williams8!

➡️ Quinn
⬅️ Williams

#BarclaysFAWSL #COYS #SpurHerOn

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Please do not take off ndombele... but look at swapping hojbjerg soon as he's a yellow away from missing Liverpool game #coys #thfc

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