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Replying to @salhendi: @elissakh @RotanaMusic @Alwaleed_Talal @Turki_alalshikh الله يبارك فيك ألوستنا الغالية شكرا لذوقك🌹

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@elissakh @RotanaMusic @Alwaleed_Talal @Turki_alalshikh الله يبارك فيك ألوستنا الغالية شكرا لذوقك🌹

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Yoongi 2013/14. Yoongi 2021/21.

Tem certeza que fomos Eu falei
indicados a um Que sim, meoooo

#8yearswithSUGA #8YearsWithYoongi

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Thank you for showing us hardworkingness. I love you so much.

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i haven't known you for a long time but i feel like i've found a lifelong friend through your music and i will forever be grateful for that.

#윤기가_우리의음악이된지_8년 #8yearswithSUGA

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My dear Yoongi, thank your for having accepted to be part of @BTS_twt. Your songs, messages, advices, live for my sic and the boys and your gummy smile are something to be treasured.

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im so glad yoongi is part of bts, i cannot even imagine not hearing the suga before his verses or his calming voice #8yearswithSUGA 💗

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