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Quoted @NetflixFilm

2021 = a new movie EVERY WEEK on Netflix. Here's a sneak peek at 27 of the biggest, brightest, fastest, funniest, feel-good, feel-everything films and stars coming to Netflix this year

It’s been a pleasure creating and building with you @NetflixFilm. Well done and thank you for always taking care of my #1 boss (besides my wife 😇) - the audience.
What a helluva roll out for 2021.
We CAN’T WAIT for our #RedNotice to hit homes worldwide.

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@EFastsaga @TheRock @NetflixFilm @SevenBucksProd Bonjour 🇨🇵

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@TheRock @NetflixFilm @SevenBucksProd Which movie song would you like me to sing about between

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@BrandonDavisBD @TheRock @NetflixFilm @SevenBucksProd AHH ME TOO!!

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@TheRock @NetflixFilm @SevenBucksProd Hey Rock can you help me

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@TheRock @NetflixFilm @SevenBucksProd Cant wait you 2 are some duo

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@TheRock @NetflixFilm @SevenBucksProd man, i cant wait for Red Notice. bet you guys had a blast making this one.

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@Browns @CantonCharge #WeWantMore Here we go brownies -here we go-Woof Woof!!!🧡🤎🏈🎉👏🏻

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Same here! Never felt this confident in our Dawggss! #WeWantMore

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Super excited
Super nervous
Can't wait
#WeWantMore #Browns

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