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 2 weeks ago

El asesino de la trompeta 🎺 #EGOLAND

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@EInfoegoland @InfoEGOLAND Me cago en tus muertos, me comí un spoiler :(

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@InfoEGOLAND Aquí nos comparte un clip donde Rubius mata a ElXokas ya que había matado a Missa y rubius se quería vengar. El asesino de la trompeta que te mata con una canción completa. #EGOLAND

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 2 weeks ago

@InfoEGOLAND Podéis poner el vs de nexxuz y Lolo en el desierto xF

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 2 weeks ago

@InfoEGOLAND @MrMissa te vengó bien

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 2 weeks ago
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 2 weeks ago

@InfoEGOLAND Vaya puto flow

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@InfoEGOLAND Quien era? 👉👈 No puedo leer su nombre...

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 2 weeks ago

@Alfonsoelperro1 @InfoEGOLAND Ya la subio crack ^_^

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@InfoEGOLAND Sube la granada de d3stri , jugadon

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 2 weeks ago

@InfoEGOLAND Buenardooo

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She wanted to spy on her brother. I wanted a sing a long.

We compromised and hammered out our newest hit “Turn by turn directions to Rowan’s spot” before heading out the door.


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Beautiful day & beautiful walk 👏best medicine for #anxietyrelief 🥰 #winterwatch #NaturePhotography #nature #wildlife #mentalhealth #MentalHealthMatters #PositiveVibes #keepsmiling #365DaysWild #MentalHealthAwareness #LockdownLife #SaturdayVibes

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The keys to looking smart at a coffee shop is...
1. Wear a turtleneck
2. Always bring a laptop w/ you
3. Read poetry
4. Drink an almond milk pumpkin lactose free latté grande size.
5. Act pretentious to others who don't go to a high status university
#University #SaturdayVibes

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Just a cute picture of Cirrus for your timeline. Happy Saturday! #cute #SaturdayVibes #owls

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hares pocket warmers natural reusable hand warmers via @Etsy #SmallBiz #shopsmall #SaturdayVibes #lockdown #supportsmallbusiness #SaturdayMotivation #giftideas

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