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 3 weeks ago
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 3 weeks ago

@serbazmustafa61 @CMYLMZ Çay püskürtmeye devam 😂😂😂

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@cemycem1 @CMYLMZ O film yattı Faruk

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 3 weeks ago

@CMYLMZ İroni yaptım ha şimdi bu aralar biraz sinirlisin beni de arada kaynatma dhdhshahj

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 3 weeks ago

@CMYLMZ İşte gördüğünüz gibi cem yılmaz yine devlet düşmanlığı yapıyor (!)

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 3 weeks ago

@CMYLMZ Oooo cem bey... parsel parsel peşkeş çekilmiştir araziniz hayırlı olsun

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 3 weeks ago

@CMYLMZ Cem Abi cağ otesi bir kisa film senaryom var paylasmak isterim

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 3 weeks ago

@CMYLMZ Troller otlamaya hadi bakayım :)

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 3 weeks ago

@CMYLMZ Artvin yaylası

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Oh here comes @TheRealJenShah crying and playing victim #RHOSLC

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Wait hold up @TheRealJenShah you supposed to be so paid and traveling with a glam squad and your room is a shoe box make that make sense the guy was sitting on the bathtubs edge 🤔😂😂I guess #RHOSLC

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How old is Jen lol #RHOSLC

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Meridith’s “not in touch with reality” remark 👏🏾 #RHOSLC

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Jen has balls to say she doesn’t trust Heather 😂 #RHOSLC

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I am so over Jen, we as a society have moved past the need for Jen #RHOSLC

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@heathergay29 that is NOT friendship u should be riding out? stop tryna prove you’re a loyal friend. it’s ok to walk away from a friendship that serves no purpose except to take u shopping. u have your own money girl lol trust it won’t make u look like a bad guy! #RHOSLC

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Is Mary under house arrest? Is she ever not at home?? #rhoslc

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