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 2 weeks ago

It’s an easy mode kind of day

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@nostalgiasedge @Xbox Playstation you mean

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 2 weeks ago

@Asensii20 @Xbox Who asked

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 2 weeks ago

@Xbox Ps5 has dark mode unlike Xbox and w e have better exclusives

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 2 weeks ago

@Xbox Never

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 2 weeks ago

@Xbox 100%

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@Xbox As a Xbox fanboy I'm very disappointed at the terrible console that I have wasted my money on that is called the Xbox Series X. Series X can't even run games at 4k, it only runs on 360p!! Another thing is that it has ZERO games and the Nintendo 64 is more powerful! -Honest Fan💛

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Can anybody confirm if the #talllady in #ResidentEvil #ResidentEvilVillage has those long claws which saw in some mods.

Please need to confirm for my ragging hormones.

@RE_Games @CapcomUSA_ #TallGirlTwitter #TallWoman

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أشياء كثير تخص #ResidentEvilVillage لاحظتها بالحدث و ودي أتكلم عنها معكم، بس قبل كل شي خلوني أرجع للبيت، أزبط لي كوب قهوه و أبدأ 🔥☕️

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A ton of new screenshots for #ResidentEvilVillage have been revealed and they look incredible!

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Hi, ich konnte nicht schlafen, also habe ich euch eben die #ResidentEvilVillage Showcase zusammengefasst :)

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Finally met the tall vampire lady dimitrescu #PS5Share, #MAIDEN #ResidentEvilVillage

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