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 2 weeks ago

Quoted @ShaneHartline

Weekly tweet until @TheRock gives his “workout videographer” the respect he deserves...

Good Lord how did I miss this magic on my timeline 🪄👏🏾👏🏾
The FML 🤡 at the end killed me 😂😂

** Jan 1st 2021 update **
The FML 🤡 is doing much better these days as he’s moved on from The Rock and has now become @chrishemsworth’s workout videographer.

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 2 weeks ago

@ItsValeriaCaro @TheRock @chrishemsworth Valeria, with respect, DWJ is a busy guy & more in importantly a honorable man, great father & husband. He’s also a legit roll model in how he lives his life. I think he’d want you to focus on yourself & achieve your goals. Do that and you will be your own hero & make him proud!

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@JorgeTo57592995 @TheRock @chrishemsworth I literally just watched that vid earlier 😂😂

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@TheRock @chrishemsworth I don't know what else to do to be able to draw the attention of my greatest idol, I don't know if a video or messages every day but what is that one day I will be able to achieve it and it's my greatest dream, I'll always keep it in mind and I'll achieve it 🤍🥺

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@TheRock @chrishemsworth You are my great inspiration, since childhood you have been my favorite person, most of your movies and everything you have done, you will always be my number 1 and I cannot die without knowing you, I hope to see you one day !! greetings from Mexico❤️❤️

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@TheRock @chrishemsworth 🤣🤣😅😅😆😆😁😄😄

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@TheRock @chrishemsworth Happy New year champ

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 2 weeks ago

@TheRock @chrishemsworth The rock for a reason

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 2 weeks ago

@TheRock @chrishemsworth Happy New year 🥰

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@TheRock @chrishemsworth You're the best, I'll always be your admirer to death, I'm a big fan since I'm a little girl, maybe I'm hard to meet you one day in my country (Mexico) and my language since most of them translated it, but I want you to know that someday I'll do it and I can take a picture

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🇺🇲- heaven
🇮🇳 -

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You best start believin’ in cults, Miss Lionnett...
You’re in one.
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Here they are. In the Lion's den.

But they arent alone.

Its not in the den, where they belong.

Home is wherever the other is. This happened to both of them. They dont have to carry this themselves.

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Its them. Its them. Side by side. Through the dark.

Together. To the end of the road.

'Thank you.'

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Увидим ли мы Эссика в этом году

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