सादर प्रणाम नरेंद्रभाई. आप देश के लिए जो काम कर रहें हैं वो प्रशंसनीय है,मैं आप को बधाई देती हूँ. आपको नव वर्ष की शुभकामनाएँ देती हूँ, और आपकी माताजी को प्रणाम करती हूँ.@narendramodi .

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@LokeshD33205816 @mangeshkarlata @narendramodi Nakli sone ki parakh v sunar ko hoti bhool gye kya

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@mangeshkarlata @narendramodi सोने की परख सुनार को ही होती है जय श्री राम दीदी

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@mangeshkarlata @narendramodi BJP IT cell account

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@mangeshkarlata @narendramodi Happy new year to you ma'am, God bless

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@mangeshkarlata @narendramodi 🙏🚩 जय श्री राम ⛳🇮🇳 कड़ी मेहनत हमेशा सफलता लाती है 2021 की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं 🎊🎉🕉️

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And also, #PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT I would rather follow my lifelong dreams of making some great big huge science fiction fantasy epic movie until they would eventually become a true reality, an actuality, as well as a fact.

PLEASE keep that in mind, @PatMcAfeeShow.

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And finally, and last but not least, #PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT I would pretty much hang my dream science fiction fantasy epic movie ultimately on the mood that the song 'Dreams to Dream' created, and especially the way that Tanya's version of that song affected me emotionally.

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@PatMcAfeeShow I don’t want to overreact by Tyler Huntley will be the QB for the ravens by week 8 next year. #PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT

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We should get Karen, err I mean Randi Mahomes booted off Twitter for saying Mack Wilson is evil, and Sorensen made a great play...

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#PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT I don’t think people realize that Biden being inaugurated into office means North America will never win a CSGO Major ever again.... This is kind of worrying

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#PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT Why did we not start today with the electric @MarkMaddenX today?

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And #PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT I am still developing this great big huge science fiction fantasy epic movie of my lifelong dreams for 15 years in my head, @PatMcAfeeShow, and I'm looking for a possible theme for my dream epic movie...

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Also, #PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT whether it be an original story idea/concept or perhaps the same old same old, @PatMcAfeeShow, Dexter's Odyssey could very well be the very science fiction fantasy epic movie saga that I've wanted to make far along even high school.

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