Got a lil' misty around The Jump today - we are so happy for the cool new opportunity our ESPN NBA senior coordinating producer @amina510 is jetting off to, but boy we're gonna miss her ❤️

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@MRaucher Profile picture Steve M Raucher


 3 weeks ago

@DogSurfRoadshow @Rachel__Nichols @amina510 @KNBR I was Syndication Man on the @GaryRadnich show.

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@chineseguy88 Profile picture Melvin Mar


 3 weeks ago

@Rachel__Nichols @amina510 👸🏾

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@Rachel__Nichols @amina510 Amina!

We worked together so many years ago at @KNBR, she was a producer when I started as a lowly intern and she was always so nice to me.

I can’t believe it was 17 years ago when you packed up and went to Bristol and you truly deserve great things, excited for what’s next!

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@JeffJjurey Profile picture Jeff


 3 weeks ago

@Rachel__Nichols @amina510 Tough act to follow @espn. GL 👏🏼👏🏼

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@JohnJHarwood So sad after her lobotomy she went to Fox! #ByeByeTrump #MAGAIsCancelled

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