I sat down w/ @BigSean to break down his Grammy-nominated Nipsey Hussle collaboration, “Deep Reverence.”

It was an insightful talk about depression & anxiety, but also about the universe, meditation & peace of mind.

The “Deep Reverence” VERIFIED is here:

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@AndresWrites @BigSean I can relate...Went Through It

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 2 weeks ago

@AndresWrites @BigSean Hello Big Sean, I'm from DETROIT and I know you don't know me from an ant, but I have a superstar rapper from Gambia called " Killa Ace," and all he needs is one shot to show off his awesome freestyling and rapping talent. Are you interested in hearing him?

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@AndresWrites @BigSean The Marathon Continues..💰🏢🏘🏃🏿👑

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 4 weeks ago
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@AndresWrites @BigSean Lil Wayne passed the torch of wordplay successfully to Big Sean.

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@BigSean An honor. Thanks for dropping in digitally to break this one down, Sean.

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 1 month ago

@AndresWrites 🙏🏾🔥

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 1 month ago

@AndresWrites @RobMarkman @BigSean Can never ever knock Sean for what he has done for the mental health community. Such a relatable dude that gives everyday people comfort in knowing they're not alone

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