As we all fight through this pandemic. Let’s always remember. This shall pass too. Here’s to my best filmmaking experience yet. Here’s to Jersey ... we shall overcome !!!! @gowtamnaidu @mrunal0801 @amanthegill #srivenkateswaracreations

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@KantetiSaisurya @shahidkapoor @SVC_official @mrunal0801 No nani jersey will always be at the top

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@shahidkapoor @mrunal0801 Congratulations to you and the whole team of #Jersey 🥰👏 so proud of you all! Can't wait to experience the awesomeness of #Jersey 🏏 loads of love ❤

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@shahidkapoor @mrunal0801 Congratulations @shahidkapoor and #Jersey team !♥✨

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@shahidkapoor @mrunal0801 Difficult to match natural star nani . His acting is on the point.

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@shahidkapoor @mrunal0801 Sir release jersey asap @shahidkapoor can't wait more

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@shahidkapoor @SVC_official @mrunal0801 Let's see how better will you do as nani sir...

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@shahidkapoor @SVC_official @mrunal0801 Orey errip puka teaser updat ivvara #vakeelsaab

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@shahidkapoor @mrunal0801 So glad you and the team are safe and sound 🤗

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@shahidkapoor @mrunal0801 i will waiting for this movie sir

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Telling stories that touch hearts and make a difference. #Jersey is a story that speaks of a Phoenix rising from the ashes. The triumph of an indomitable spirit. If there was ever a time I could connect with the underlying spirit of a film this was it.

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It’s a film wrap on #jersey.... 47 days of the shoot during covid. Just unbelievable. I am so proud of the entire team. It’s nothing short of a miracle. I want to thank each & everyone from the unit for coming to set every day, putting themselves at risk & doing what we all love.

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It’s laughable how gullible people are. America will still go to war , still let big corp destroy our planet, still be racist and profit of it . Still let China pollute the world.😒 #InaugurationDay

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Inauguration cocktail names. Ruth Bader Gins-berg, Im-peach-mint, Bloody Donald, Storm in a Capitol Cup, Mar-a-lager, Cup of Joe. West Wing Detox

What you all got?
#auspol #biden #InaugurationDay #Inauguration2021 @Richard_Schiff @JoshMalina @BradleyWhitford @marycmccormack

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Today, the world flushes.

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@mjfree I'm in Australia and will be staying up all night to see it happen. Oh yes, I will. #InaugurationDay

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You did it Joe! He's out! He's gone! Happy #InaugurationDay USA!🇺🇲🥳🎉

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This will be the most watched #Inauguration ever. Not because of @JoeBiden but because lockdown. People working from home or no job. Fact. #InaugurationDay

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After 4 years of chronic constipation, America finally pushes out the stubborn turd that is the Trump administration. Happy #InaugurationDay #Inauguration2021 #Inauguration

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