Telling stories that touch hearts and make a difference. #Jersey is a story that speaks of a Phoenix rising from the ashes. The triumph of an indomitable spirit. If there was ever a time I could connect with the underlying spirit of a film this was it.

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@shahidkapoor I want the best for you😍

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@shahidkapoor Best wishes, I hope the makers changed the climax, chasing 500 odd in last day will look filmsy. I m sure you will rock. 💐

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@Saila2016 Profile picture Sailaja Guttala


 1 month ago

@shahidkapoor There couldn’t have been a better actor to bring Arjun to life they way @NameisNani did in the original version of #Jersey. Really looking forward to this one.

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@shahidkapoor Nice to give such detailed description but it would've been really great had you written that it's going to be a complete copy paste of original movie of #Jersey by @NameisNani 🙏🏻
Hope you guys atleast acknowledge the original work.. buying copyrights isn't art🙄

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As we all fight through this pandemic. Let’s always remember. This shall pass too. Here’s to my best filmmaking experience yet. Here’s to Jersey ... we shall overcome !!!! @gowtamnaidu @mrunal0801 @amanthegill #srivenkateswaracreations

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@shahidkapoor You nail every character 🔥👌! In movie 😍👍

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@shahidkapoor Eagerly waiting for your movie 😊😍

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@shahidkapoor Your brilliance will be lauded again. Can't wait for #Jersey ❤👍

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@shahidkapoor Good morning ❣️

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It’s a film wrap on #jersey.... 47 days of the shoot during covid. Just unbelievable. I am so proud of the entire team. It’s nothing short of a miracle. I want to thank each & everyone from the unit for coming to set every day, putting themselves at risk & doing what we all love.

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Ce n'est pas une révolution de la politique US mais un pas important pour plus de dialogue multilatéral et surtout vers un espoir de restauration du dialogue interne. @JoeBiden a démontré qu'il pouvait fédérer autour de projets. Good luck for the new job! #InaugurationDay

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happy inauguration day to @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris ❤️❤️ #InaugurationDay #Inauguration2021

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Jack Ma

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He caught his babe cheating, then he arranged with his friends to beat her up and post it social media.
"Sense or Nonsense"
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Can you imagine if the British Prime Minister taking office was preceded by a concert? 

Before #BorisJohnson takes the oath of office in front of the Queen, we will hear a moving rendition of Deeper Shade of Blue performed live by Steps. 
#InaugurationDay #Britain #politics

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