Kabaddi has gone international!!! And nothing makes me happier. Again, thank you all.

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@juniorbachchan Look forward to seeing you in The Big Bull and Bob Biswas. The getup was quite good of Bob Biswas. Hope movie is as good too. All the best Mr Abhishek.

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@juniorbachchan Sir ur welcome n love u sir 💓

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@anilbhat007 Profile picture Anil bhat


 1 month ago

@juniorbachchan 🤗🤗🤗👍

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@juniorbachchan Kudos to you Guru Bhai 👏👏👏

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@bsheth17 Profile picture Bhadresh Sheth


 1 month ago

@juniorbachchan What an "Idea" sirji!

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@juniorbachchan You are an Inspiration AB... Always 💪🙏👍 Love You Bro...

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@SirjiKiSmiley Profile picture Poonam 098


 1 month ago

@juniorbachchan Always wid U Abhi n team #Panthers...U know hav come for more or less all the matches in Kolkata....a die hard fan..n genuinely Panthers are the Bestest along with their Captain Kool🌹🧿💜💜🆎🆎🆎💯💯💯💯💯✅

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@juniorbachchan Your contribution is commendable!

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@SafiKhanMagical Profile picture Safi Khan


 1 month ago

@juniorbachchan Special message for #NighatAbbas from #Pakistan
Congrats brilliant success appointed #Spokesperson #BJP as #Muslim representation #youth spark blood of #India working for #girls awareness #WomenWhoCode #BharatBandhOn8December2020 #kisanandolan #BharatBandh

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And above all to all the fans of #Kabaddi & the @JaipurPanthers for supporting this wonderful sport and the team. It’s amazing at the amount of feedback/reactions I’m getting from friends & well wishers not just from India but also outside of India & the Indian diaspora oversees.

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Thank you!
I’m so happy that you all are enjoying #SonsOfTheSoil
My gratitude to @PrimeVideoIN for believing in the project and backing it with all their might. To @BBC for making such a truthful and amazing documentary.

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If @TomBrady wins the Super Bowl for a 7th time, he’ll prove why he really is the G.O.A.T. Congrats Buccaneers on the NFC Championship! #NFCChampionship #NFL

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Some very good thoughts from Rich Eisen. Also one team didn’t draft a wide receiver in the 1st or 2nd when THEIR goat was publicly begging them to. #packers #NFCChampionship #nfl #gogetwrhelp

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“The sea was angry my friend!”

I cancelled my State Farm insurance.

This will end the “Who is the GREATEST PACKER QB” debate - Bart Starr wins. Farve is 2nd.

#Packers #NFCChampionship #NFL  #NFLPlayoffs #TBvsGB #AaronRodgers @packers #GoPackGo

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Aaron Rodgers will never live down his decision not to run for the TD. Everybody talks that shit about Lamar Jackson but that was one situation where you knew he was going for broke. Aaron Rodgers fucked up a golden opportunity #ChampionshipSunday #NFCChampionship

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Tom Brady...GOAT 🐐It really is that simple. #brady #BradyVSRodgers #NFCChampionship

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