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 1 month ago

Remember the name 🤩

Current @FIA_F2 points leader @SchumacherMick will achieve his dream of racing in F1 in 2021 with @HaasF1Team

#F1 #RoadToF1

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 1 month ago

@scuderia_sge @F1 @FIA_F2 @SchumacherMick @HaasF1Team Well, not really next year since the car will most likely stay at the back of the grid. But 2022 and upwards, we'll see what he can truly do

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 1 month ago

@F1 @FIA_F2 @SchumacherMick @HaasF1Team No fricken way?! Let's go!

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@F1 @FIA_F2 @SchumacherMick @HaasF1Team Is Schumacher a future world champion?

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 1 month ago

@F1 @FIA_F2 @SchumacherMick @HaasF1Team Amazing 👏

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 1 month ago

@F1 @FIA_F2 @SchumacherMick @HaasF1Team Schumacher name is BACK!!

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@F1 @FIA_F2 @SchumacherMick @HaasF1Team the pressure he has to cope with is unimaginable

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 1 month ago

@F1 @FIA_F2 @SchumacherMick @HaasF1Team Knowing that his father is such a legend in the sport, the next Schumacher will automatically feel the pressure in the early stages. Mick, you're here in F1 for a reason. Not just because of a name. We wish you the best!

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 1 month ago

@F1 @FIA_F2 @SchumacherMick @HaasF1Team Good luck to him.

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um ano da maior 💘 #1YearWithBlackSwan

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홀린 듯 천천히 가라앉아
nah nah nah
몸부림쳐봐도 사방이 바닥 nah nah

- Black Swan -


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"Even if these violent waves
Pass me by with darkness
I’ll never be dragged away, never again"

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