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 1 month ago

Props to Noah for sitting back and letting Bennett show the douche he is #TheBachelorette

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I bet Tamisha Iman talking about bulldogs lmao #DragRace

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👉 👈 RT @Maybelline We all knew Symone was winning tonight! #DragRace

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SO IMPRESSED @denalifox
“Pity the fool that has to go up against you.”

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I'm replaying that lipsync at least 10 times a day, omg Denali did THAT, I'm still not over that. My jaw is still on the floor 🤯 #DragRace

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Finalmente para mostrarnos otra de sus creaciones llegó @TamishaIman1 en la pasarela de #DragRace para darle fin a esta categoría.

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This is literally every female anchor on Fox News #DragRace

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Gente aonde vocês estão assistindoooo, informações please? #DragRace

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